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DeGeneres Crashes Twitter the Wrong Oscars Headline

Oscars Group Selfie Sets Twitter Record

Oscars Group Selfie Sets Twitter Record

What was the big headline from the 2014 Oscars telecast?  “Ellen DeGeneres Broke Twitter.”  That’s not the best headline.  Instead, the big headline from the Academy Awards should have been, “Ellen DeGeneres Proves Power of Social Media.”  Millions played a part acting to support the lesson and promote multiple brands worldwide.

Midway through the show, the Oscars hostess walked down an aisle of stars and asked actor Bradley Cooper to take a selfie with her.  As they both crouched in front of Cooper’s extended arm, several other stars sitting nearby quickly crowded around Cooper and DeGeneres.  In a matter of seconds, the group photo, including Kevin Spacey,  Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.  It was about to go viral on Twitter and be seen by millions.

A few moments later, DeGeneres uttered what the social media world had already known as their Twitter feeds froze for twenty minutes due to all the retweet activity.  “We crashed and broke Twitter.  We made history.”

Former Obama Record Retweet

Former Obama Record Retweet

Before the end of the broadcast, the star-studded group selfie had been retweeted over 2 million times, breaking a record of 781,728 retweets set by President Barack Obama with the picture of him hugging First Lady, Michelle Obama, after his 2012 re-election.

Which brands were the beneficiaries from this comic interlude? 

Of course, Twitter scored big.  The short message service specializing in 140-character bursts of thought proved it is not all about words.  It was the photo that generated the activity proving there are many ways to send a message others would be interested in receiving.

Samsung Electronics Corp. enjoyed the value of product placement as it was their electronic device that snapped the picture of the moment.  Their One Samsung advertising deal with ABC television included an agreement to take ten promoted tweet selfies in the green room at The Oscars and send them to the world.

Obviously, Ellen DeGeneres bolstered her brand image and savvy know-how of social media use.  Her @TheEllenShow Twitter account grew by a 47x factor the day of the Oscars broadcast compared to an average day and now boasts 27 million followers.

Finally, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences proved it was hip to a new generation of social media users.  After the brief Twitter outage, when services were restored, @TheAcademy sent a tweet of their own saying, “Sorry, our bad.”  It generated 4,211 retweets.

What should your brand learn? 

Watching advertising’s best on the big stage can provide your business with a few takeaways:

  • Create memorable moments.  What unique photo or situation can you create that will be fun to share and get people talking about your brand?  Mix words about your brand, with images and video.

  • Plant your product strategically.  Let your product or service be seen by others so they can interact with it and comment on it.  A paid placement sponsorship or a few product giveaways cannot hurt.

  • Get involved with social media.  It’s new.  It’s a bit untested and wild west.  It’s here to stay.  If the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences can be trendy after being in business for 86 years, so can you.

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My Favorite Twitter Tools

by My Web Writers

Twitter is a fantastic tool for building a brand.  It gets your products, keywords, and services out to the masses quickly.  Check out these Twitter tools and Apps that will help you get rolling on the Twitter train:

  • Twylah–Twylah pushes all of your Tweets onto a page that’s branded just for you. The advantage of this is that followers who are reading your posts better understand your topics without searching through your Twitter streams.
  • Tweriod–Tweriod analyzes your Tweets and those of your followers. The tool then tells you when it’s best to post your Tweets for optimal “readability”.
  • Buffer–Buffer allows you to put all of your Tweets into the App at one time, and then posts them at optimal times throughout the day. This tool is perfect for the on-the-go business person or even for those who will be out of the office for some time. You don’t have to miss getting those Tweets out there anymore!

There are many great Twitter tools out there, but these are some quick and easy time savers that will have you Tweeting in no time! Get your social media PR writers on board with these new tools and check out some of our work by following us on Twitter @MyWebWriters.


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Revise for Mis-Tweets – A Social Media Marketing Story from Bill Hybels and Willow Creek

by My Web Writers

A Marketing Example- Effective Social Media

Recently, I summarized my experience at Willow Creek Association’s 2011 Leadership Summit.  While attendees flocked to various simulcast sites throughout the United States to learn from and be inspired by highly engaging business and church leaders- there was a glitch.

Howard Schultz, the Founder and CEO of Starbucks, was slated as the keynote speaker, but backed out of his contract a week prior to the event.  Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek, had about a week to simmer emotions and to prepare a speech addressing the last-minute, speaker change:

I outlined my thoughts on this change in Hybels, Starbucks, and a Teen and noted Starbucks’ clever burying of bad PR with good PR that week.

Jim Mellado, Willow Creek Association President, debriefed with Bill Hybels about the 2011 Leadership Summit and asked Hybels to describe how he crafted the speaker change announcement.

The Writing Process & Your Marketing Team

Hybels wrote a draft. He then asked for input from his wife, a professional writer and editor. He took the draft with changes to his daughter who added a youthful editor’s perspective. Then, he presented the draft to the Willow Creek Association team, church development team, campus pastors, and elders. Each group fine-tuned the document.

Consider Social Media & Mis-Tweets

Finally, the day before the Summit, after he thought his document was complete, Willow’s social media expert approached Hybels and suggested, “Just for fun, go over every single phrase and see how it could be twisted or mis-tweeted.”

“Oh my,” Hybels responded looking upward, “that’s another layer in all this, isn’t it?”

He took the manuscript home and “changed about a half a dozen other little phrases” for Twitter.

Willow’s perceptive leadership, content, and social media team helped Hybels to draft a graceful and memorable leadership statement.

Who reviews your most important speeches, articles, and press releases? You might not always have the time needed for feedback, but when possible, do accept input from others. Expert marketing, social media, and editing teams are invaluable.


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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

by My Web Writers

Social Media is a growing phenomenon- from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and many more. These sites are commonly being used to promote businesses, create professional relationships, and spread the word about products & events. With social media being such a popular medium, knowing a few “do’s and “don’ts” can improve SEO content marketing.

To increase social media optimization:


  • Interact with others. Social media is just that: SOCIAL! Check in on your social media sites daily. Use special programs and schedulers sparingly as you’ll lose the social aspect if you’re not actively involved in your posts.
  • Post/tweet often. Facebook posts should be logged several times per week. They need a bit of time to circulate through the masses. Tweets should be posted daily. Tweets instantly spread throughout the network.
  • Link back to your brand/products. When using social media as a content marketing tool, it’s key to include links to your products and website pages. Readers should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for or what’s being sold if the linking is done properly.
  • Have a goal in mind. What’s the purpose of the posts? Is it to bring in customers? Likes? Followers? The posts must fit the goal and bring in that end product for the company.
  • Make posts relevant and interesting. Posts should be short and sweet. No one wants to read a novel when searching for information or products, so get to the point. A sense of humor never hurt anyone, but be sure to keep the professionalism in tact when adding humor.


  • Over-schedule posts.  If posts are constantly scheduled, the personal touches and relationships won’t be formed. No one will ever see the posts and links to websites (or visit them) if everything becomes computerized. It’s a lose-lose situation is every company solely relies on programs to maintain social media pages. Be bold and stand apart from other companies with a REAL, LIVE PERSON on the other end of posts!
  • Bombard followers with selling products and/or services.  If social media posts are always about products or services being sold, that personal aspect is, again, being lost. Followers or fans will soon become bored with these types of posts and won’t be able to tell there’s someone to connect with on the other end.
  • Mislead “friends” or followers. It’s imperative that posts are relevant and up-to-date. If posts and messages don’t relate to the links that are included in them, potential clients will be lost.

If you’re too busy to maintain your account, consider hiring social media PR writers who can help with your social media marketing.  Complement their efforts with your own when following this list of social media do’s or don’ts and you’ll be on your way to making new friends and customers!


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Why Is Social Media Important in SEO?

by My Web Writers

Did you know that if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest…bigger than the United States? Technology is ever growing and ever changing in ways like online dating, MySpace users reaching over 200 million, and Google searches increasing by 28.3 billion in 2 years. With all of these people online, think about how many of them could be viewing your products if you’d promote them using a social media network. Still not convinced? Check out these latest stats from The News Chick, Linda Thomas:

• Over 50 percent of the world’s population is under the age of 30, and 96 percent have joined a social network
• Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
• 60 million status updates are posted on Facebook every day.

There are 6,775,235,741 people in the world, and it’s only growing. This means that almost 3,387,617,870 people are on a form of social media every day and could be viewing a product or company page of yours. If you’re a small business and aren’t involved in some type of social media marketing, you might think twice about your decision. When you take the time to set up and properly maintain a network page, news feeds would be generated, explored, and shared with friends of friends of friends, thus reaching more and more people. The key is to keep your network page up to date, relevant, and interesting.

Social Media & SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) involves improving the rank of your website on search engines. Several components such as key word density, links, and original content play a role in this daunting task. Another developing component, according to Matt Cutts, is through the use of social media. Providing links to your company’s webpage gives it more “juice” or strength in search engine ranking.

Using Social Media to Market Your Company

Facebook can be easily updated with detailed explanations of products or services that your company provides. There’s no limit on characters, so getting your point across is relatively easy on Facebook. New posts should be generated every couple of days to give them time to circulate and be shared.

Twitter posts are a bit harder to write. You must convey a message to your reader and remain engaging all within the 140 character limit. Twitter posts should be added daily and accounts should be managed often to incorporate more followers. Twitter posts can be “retweeted” by your followers to their followers in response to a question or concern. This could, in turn, produce more followers for you. Be cautious, though, to only follow those that are following you as this creates more “power” for your company in ranking.

SEO can feel overwhelming and exhausting. You may not feel that you can take on one more thing such as social media, but the rewards will outweigh your efforts in the long run. Don’t feel like you can handle such as challenge right now? My Web Writers is here to help!


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