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5 Tips for Creating a Killer Twitter Bio

Twitter is a complex social media platform that pushes out content faster than the blink of an eye (or the flap of a wing). This is where you can connect with anyone from your neighbor down the street to a celebrity across the globe. To be able to standout in such a large network, you must first begin with a profile that grabs people’s attention and makes them want to connect with you.Twitter bio

While a Twitter profile is fairly simple and straightforward, people often miss out on this valuable opportunity to enhance their brand images by representing their skills and interests. Let’s take a look at five tips for creating a creative and quality twitter profile to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of content.

  1. Make the Most of 160 Characters

Your Twitter profile allows for just 160 characters of content. Although this is a “generous” 20 characters more than what you are allowed in a tweet, it is still and incredibly short amount of space into which you must cram everything that makes you special. The key is to strategically pick what aspects of your brand you wish to highlight.

Think of the qualities that will most appeal to the people you are trying to connect with. Is it your job title, an accomplishment like publishing a book or some snarky humor that will draw in target followers? Choose 1-3 of the most powerful aspects of your brand and make these the forefront of your Twitter profile content. All the rest of the stuff people can find by clicking on the link to your website or blog (more on that later).

  1. Pick Your Voice

You can go several directions with the voice of your Twitter profile. Do you want it to be first person or third person? Do you want to sound professional or personable? Think about what is going to represent you most accurately and speak to your target audience. The voice of your Twitter profile will set the tone for your conversations moving forward.

  1. Get Personal with Interests, Hobbies or Humor

Once you’ve listed your job and accomplishments, be sure to save (even just a little bit of) room for your interests, hobbies and personality. What do you do outside of work? Maybe this is a mention of your favorite physical activity, type of food or a shout out to your family. Use this final sentence as a way to define yourself by more than just your job title.

  1. Incorporate #Hashtags

Include hashtags in your Twitter profile, especially ones that you use often. Maybe this is your own unique hashtag that helps store, say, all of your motivational quotes in one stream. Or maybe you list a few popular hashtags that reflect your hobbies and interests. Limit these to just several of the most relevant topics that define your brand.

  1. Include a Link

Finally, be sure to take advantage of including a link in your Twitter profile. What should this link to? It depends! It could be your website, blog, Linkedin profile or other social media profile. What do you use most often and where do you want to direct people to learn more about you? No matter what link you choose to use, be sure that it is active and that it leads to updated and professional content that will leave a good first impression with your Twitter followers.

What other strategies have you found to be effective when creating a Twitter profile? Share your insights by commenting below!



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