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SEO Tips & Tricks

by My Web Writers

As you hone in on your SEO & content marketing skills, there are some key tips and tricks to remember to use to be even more successful. I’ve outlined just a few to get you started.

• Go BOLD! Show your audience exactly where the keywords are by bolding them. Each keyword in your meta should be bolded once on the page. Don’t over-do it though, as search engines don’t like that.

• Link, Link, Link! Search engines “look” at pages that have lots of relevant links as important and valuable resources. When there are plenty of links into your page that actually point to what they’re supposed to, search engines will rank it higher.

• Be original! No one wants to read the same text over and over again and that goes for search bots as well. Think of the consumer and for what he/she might search. Include all possible keywords and phrases so you cover all of your bases.

• Start a blog! Blogging is the easiest way to provide links back to your website. Keep your blogs short & sweet while still enticing the reader. If they are interested in what you have to say in your blog, they’re more likely to head over to your webpage for more ideas, products, or tips.

Start with these simple tips to get you moving up in the ranks. Your supervisors will be impressed with how much you’ve improved rank & be more likely to make you one of the lead content writers for the company.


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