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Improve Customer Service & Reduce Complaints with Web Content

by My Web Writers

Resolving customer issues is a reactionary approach to customer service. No matter how quick you respond and how pleased the customer is with the solution, you still had a service issue that inconvenienced the customer and cost you money.

Too many companies still think online customer service is providing a toll free number, email address or online chat.

Let’s move from resolving to reducing customer complaints by using service-focused website content.

Make It Simple to Find Your Hours and Location

I was meeting a colleague for lunch and went to the restaurant’s website to find the address. Their beautiful home page had an email address and phone number at the bottom. Why make the customer call or email and add an unnecessary customer contact? Or worse yet, lose a potential customer because they gave up.

After scouring the page I found a “Facility Info” link that led to the information. Eliminate the issue by putting the hours and location on the home page or at least change the “Facility Info” link to the more clear “Hours & Address.”

Idea: Make the right website content easily available. If the customer can’t find it, it’s as if it was never there.

Provide Helpful How-To Website Content

I was vacuuming recently. Then the handle wouldn’t lock in place. I tried several ways to fix the problem. No luck. Went online and searched for “XXXXXX handle won’t lock”. An independent store website detailed the simple fix. Three minutes later I was back in business. They now have a good chance of getting future business from me. That’s superior customer service.

Idea: Anticipate a customer service issue and make the solution available 24×7 online. Don’t make me call or bring it to the store for a simple fix. You ultimately may fix it, but you would have inconvenienced me.

Don’t Assume You Know Your Customer Complaints

Our roles grow as our company grows. We used to handle all the customer interactions ourselves. Now we are busy with vendors, hiring, payroll and many other demands. Make it a priority to schedule regular time to listen to your team.

How are they resolving customer complaints?

How would they eliminate the problem from occurring in the first place?

What is being said online about your company?

Do you make it easy for your customers to contact you personally? In-store and online?

Idea: Develop an early warning system to find customer complaints. Identify the top 20% reasons that cause 80% of complaints. Address customer confusion reasons with new website content designed to make the purchase decision and buying process easier.

There’s Not Enough Time in the Day

“Everyone already has too much to do. How do we develop new content and keep the business running?” Bring an experienced, skilled writer to the project. You’ll get a fresh perspective and content that leads to a better customer experience.

Idea: Visit My Web Writers to learn how to get started.



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