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Maslow’s Hierarchy in your PPC Copy

By My Web WritersMaslow's Hierarchy of Needs

PPC (pay per click) campaigns are all about finding customers who are interested in the advertiser’s product, and then about enticing those people to click on the link, and finally to purchase the product or service offered.

Sounds simple, but the reality can be more complex. That’s why it’s helpful to find tools that will make the task easier. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy in your PPC copy is one way to increase the success of a website or ad campaign.

Maslow’s Hierarchy

What exactly is Maslow’s hierarchy? It’s a psychological theory proposed by AbrahamMaslow in 1943. The hierarchy is represented by a pyramid. Maslow suggested that people must meet needs at the base of the pyramid before they can worry about moving higher on the pyramid to meet the needs found there.

As one moves up the pyramid, the needs become less necessary for life, but focus on reaching ultimate fulfillment. The pyramid ranges from basic physiological needs at the base to self-actualization needs at the top.

 Using Maslow’s Hierarchy in PPC Campaigns

Just as Maslow’s hierarchy helps us make sense of human behavior, a similar hierarchy exists for PPC campaigns. At the base of the PPC pyramid might be the ad campaign account structure: the first step, before writing PPC copy is even begun, is to set up an ad account. What types of payment will be accepted? Is there a theme that can be mentioned consistently through the campaign? Account structure issues must be addressed before moving up the pyramid.

The next step up the pyramid for your PPC campaign might involve keywords. Keywords are a crucial consideration, since the keywords you choose will directly influence how many potential customers reach the copy you will be writing. You can use Google Adwords’ Keywords Tool to determine keywords that your potential customers may be searching for. Aim for finding keywords with many monthly searches, but with low competition. Don’t assume your keywords will never change; you’ll want to monitor them often and tweak them as needed to keep up the traffic to your site.

Continuing our journey up the pyramid, we reach landing pages. These are the pages that potential customers will reach when their keyword searches lead them to your site. Design your landing page carefully, and look at it from a potential customer’s eyes: does it answer the questions your customer may be asking? Is there a call to action to purchase the product or service you’re offering? Spend time creating landing pages that will entice those who arrive on them.

Finally, we reach the pyramid’s pinnacle: the ad copy itself. It may seem surprising that we’re only now discussing the actual PPC copy, but just as Maslow’s hierarchy suggests that humans can only achieve self-actualization after meeting all the needs beneath, your PPC campaign copy can only be as effective as all the pyramid levels beneath it.

Your PPC copy should utilize the keywords you identified earlier. A call to action – often, to make a purchase – should be evident. Talk to potential customers. What phrases would entice them to move from interest to buying? Incorporate these suggestions into your ad copy to turn readers into buyers.  ~Susan

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