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What is Reddit and How Should Bloggers Use It?

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What’s good, and what’s junk? How about you decide for once instead of the mainstream media making all the decisions? That’s exactly what Reddit is- a website that showcases what the people find most interesting on the Internet. As a blogger this site can help you in many ways. Their mascot, the Reddit alien, is a silly little guy, but don’t let that keep you away from this very helpful website. New bloggers get ready!

What is Reddit?

More than 2 million people are active Reddit users and in April it had more than 69 million unique visitors. The site is quickly gaining in popularity. It’s basically a place where people post interesting content. “Redditers,” people who have Reddit accounts, vote the content higher or lower based on how interesting they find it.

Since there’s a huge flow of content constantly being posted, there are also “subreddits” or topics that can help you narrow down information you’re looking for. Redditers can post, comment, and vote content up or down the list. Check out Reddit’s YouTube page for more information on ways to use the site and for some FAQ about it.

This isn’t Yahoo! or CNN deciding what’s interesting, it’s the general public. There’s even a page with the most controversial postings on Reddit. Reddit can give you a look at what people are talking about, what people find interesting, and it can certainly help your blog.

How should bloggers use Reddit?

If you’ve ever wanted a glance into the minds and hearts of people on the Internet, Reddit is a great place to start. Since people vote on what’s most interesting, it’s like getting a view of what people would want to read and/or look at.

Reddit is also a place you should be submitting your best posts to. While posting on Facebook and other social media sites is a great way to see what your friends, family and fans think, Reddit will give you more of an idea of what the general public thinks. Experiment with a few different blog posts on different topics. See which ones are voted up or down. Either way, this will drive traffic to your blog.

Like any public posting, be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. People are brutally honest on Reddit, and they also typically don’t want to read pages and pages of content. Make sure you submit shorter posts that people will find interesting, not a post about your life story that goes on forever. Bloggers also need to be aware that if your post is voted down too many times, they’ll keep you from posting again for a while.

Make sure what you post on Reddit is your best work. Start off by picking your favorite blog post (not too lengthy), and see what happens. It should drive traffic to your blog and give you some instant feedback on what the general public thinks of your submission to Reddit. Though, keep your eye on Penguin 2.0. How this next Google update will affect linking from sites like Reddit to your blog remains to be seen.  Don’t forget to spend time looking through other people’s submissions to see what people have voted up and down.  ~Natalie


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