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Five Tips to Building Client Relationships from Bruce, the Shelter Dog

By My Web Writers

You’re a go-getter and you’ve already forecasted how to make 2014 (or even 2015 – 2018) produce greater revenues for your company.  We thought we’d turn to a true professional for sound insights on how to treat clients.  Our friend, Bruce, a former shelter dog turned master of a large household, has a few suggestions from his years of experience working tables.

Don’t Take the Bits of Crackers on Your Nose for Grantedphoto (5)

Find a way to convert smaller jobs into longer-term meals.  You may feel that the fatigue of serving clients for crackers isn’t cost-effective.  In some cases it isn’t, but small morsels do add up over time. Find ways to cater to smaller clients.  Drop your prices or work on sliding commissions and ride the ride with smaller clients.  When they become bigger clients, you’ll have success stories to share.

Ask Before You Eatphoto (6)

Clients want to be treated like royalty.  If they put a morsel on their knee for you to eat, humbly ask if that would make them happy.  Yeah, we’re being a little facetious and sometimes what clients want you to do is crazy, but if you show respect eventually, you will be respected.

Sometimes You Do Have to Barkphoto (7)

The flip side to showing respect is to demand respect.  If the client repeatedly ignores your emails, doesn’t take your calls, or is slow to pay, you might have to bark and put down your paw.  Only do so after all other avenues have been explored.  Get firm with a smile.  If you’re still ignored, keep barking.  Eventually, they’ll let you in so that you don’t rouse neighbors.

Don’t Be Desperatephoto (8)

As you close in on the sale, resist the primal instinct to focus on the paycheck, while unintentionally biting the client’s fingers.  Work gingerly through contract negotiations and project logistics.  The goal is to make meal time a pleasant experience for the client.

Be Present and Thankfulphoto (9)

Don’t eat and run.  Remain present for the client after the purchase is made and always remember to be thankful for the sale.  One realtor we know did not bail after a hole was discovered in his clients’ roof after they closed on their home.  He stood behind the clients by seeking legal recourse and advice.  He knew that his communications and efforts on their behalf would lead to positive recommendations and more business down the road.

My Web Writers looks forward to more posts from Bruce in 2014. On behalf of all of us here, we wish you a light-hearted and relaxing holiday season!

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