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Five Social Media Contest Ideas for E-Tailers

by My Web Writers




And a whole lot of FUN!

That’s what it takes to host a successful social media contest if you’re an e-tailer.


Are you as familiar as you should be with all those social media websites you use? It’s just a question (one that will make the difference in how much traffic you gain as a result of sponsoring your contest); but it’s only a question, just the same.


Sharing a post and offering a prize to people who promote it the best is fairly easy to do.  Share a few posts (of specific items) and give a prize to the person who comments the most on all of them.  Rules for commenting may apply.  It’s also important to follow Facebook Rules for Contests.

Of course, we all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Photo albums are always fun to look at on Facebook.

Have your audience make a crazy photo album using product(s) from your e-store. This is particularly great to do with your satisfied customer base, as it will reward them for their patronage. Once customers have created their album, they can link back to your Facebook page and all your followers can vote on the best album.  The grand prize will be a goody, and runners up’s will win a few small tokens, too. Plus, all participants can receive a special coupon via email.


Speaking of pictures…

Pinterest is a gold mine for them.

Pick your favorite product and host a Pin It to Win It contest and drawing. Start the pinning, and everyone who plays gets entered into a drawing to win the product.

Name that Product Contest is another unique and fun idea. Pin a product and encourage participants to come up with a fabulously catchy name for it, submitted in the comments. Then, send them back to your Facebook page, where people can vote on the best name. This way, you draw traffic to your site from both Pinterest and Facebook simultaneously!

On-site Scavenger Hunts

This is a little tricky, so you need to plan it well. Use your blog as home base. Send people off in search of a specific product, via visiting other product pages. On each of those product pages, they’ll know they’ve found the clue, because they’ll be sent back to home base (a separate blog post) when they do. Upon finding the last clue, customers will be sent back to home base, where they can provide information to receive their prize.

Contest Necessities

It’s true. Contests can be a lot of fun, especially for excited participants. As a host, however, it’s important to remember a few details.

  • Encourage more participation, by making it easy to enter.
  • State the rules clearly from the start. Make them concise and easy to follow.
  • Understand and follow social media rules, before hosting a contest on networks, to avoid unnecessary repercussions and consequences.
  • Choose prizes wisely, and make them worth the effort of participating in the contest.
  • Articulate clear parameters, including beginning and ending dates, participation requirements, limits in prize availability and the like.

Other Social Media Contest Ideas

We’ve compiled a list of sites with additional, creative ideas for running contests.  If you’re short on staff to effectively run these contests you can always hire additional, social media professionals.

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