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How to Write a Radio Script

By My Web Writers

Since the spoken word is here and gone in a flash, your radio script’s word pictures need to move auditory messages into lasting memories. You’re also limited on time. Get past those hurdles and you’re well on your way to writing effective, radio scripts.

Radio Script Writing Hooks Listeners

Like in all forms of journalism or entertainment, the first key is to grab the attention of the audience. Is your audience teenagers? Adults?  A conservative or liberal crowd? Your audience determines how you will capture listeners.  Shock them with statistics, make them laugh, tug at their heart strings- do whatever it takes to make your listeners keep listening.

Radio Scripts Describe

Since you have nothing visual to rely on in radio, your words must be descriptive and accurate. Paint a picture with words. After you write your script, read it to a friend or colleague. Ask if they can picture everything you have described. If your test audience is confused or can’t imagine what you are talking about, consider adding more colorful adjectives and action verbs.

Radio Uses Smooth Transitions

If your script covers multiple topics, such as a radio news script does, make sure you have good transitions from one topic to the next. A lack of smooth transitions will make your script sound choppy and unorganized. Present your information from the most important to the least important, with good transitions between each idea.

Vary Your Tone

The absence of photos or video means you will have to rely on your tone to create a certain atmosphere for your broadcast. In your written script, mark down beside each section what tone you plan on using. Some good tone words are serious, solemn, cheerful, suspenseful, worried, important, comical and harsh.

Wrap Up Your Radio Script

Hopefully your listeners will still be around by the time you are at the end of your script. Whether you have presented the news, a radio advertisement, a talk show, or a skit, how you conclude things is important. Your conclusion should leave the listener feeling like your presented material was worth his or her time.

Radio Script Writing Resources

Check out the following websites for some specifics on writing radio broadcast scripts:


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