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Cost Effectiveness at the Keyboard

by My Web Writers

Arielle’s writing glows with creative nips and tucks around the edges of her sentences.  Unfortunately, she takes too darn long to crank out blog posts.  Why?  What gives?

She claims to be a perfectionist- a student of the proofreading and editing checklist school.  Most people believe her.  They see her manicured nails and her accurately quoted sources, so they assume this is just the way it goes for a writer of her caliber.  She’s all quality.

But wait.  Ask her to type the notes in front of the group at your next company meeting.  Does she blink her long lashes and snap her fingers- “No problem, boss,”  or does she pawn the job off on Burton, the zippy intern?   If it’s the later, lean in for a moment.

She’s killing you.  Double check your employees’ typing skills.  The difference between writers who type 25 words per minute with 50% accuracy verses 50 words per minute with 99% accuracy is significant.  With an hourly pay rate, one group might very well cost twice as much as the other group.

What can you do to help improve typing skills? 

1.  First, address the issue.  Give your writers a typing test.  Suggest action steps to improve those typing skills.

2.  Hire a training company to custom create an employee typing skills program in your building.

3.  Offer incentives to employees who pass online, touch typing lessons during lunch breaks.

4.  Encourage competition for simple prizes when employees win races in the TypeRacer game.

5.  Ask your Secret Santa to give holiday gift certificates for Typing Instructor Platinum 2012 to your writers.

6.  Let Mavis-Beacon educate both your employees and their kids as they work on improving their typing skills together.

7.  Imagine the savings when employees double or triple their typing speeds!  Until then, consider outsourcing some projects to other writers.

If this blog post is about YOU, then don’t wait for your employer to stumble upon your hunting and pecking.  Take time each day to increase your keyboarding speed.  Your fingers will eventually keep up with your creativity.  You can do increase your typing speed with practice and patience!


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