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Famous Closing Words and Winning Conclusions

by Lauren

Lauren, My Web Writers Team Member

“With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.” -J.F.K.

This conclusion to President Kennedy’s 1961 Inaugural Address represents the features of a winning conclusion. Why? Because President Kennedy’s closing words provide a powerful statement that stirs the heart and engages the mind. In this case, the message to go forward doing good in the world and to make a difference not only calls for reflection but for action.

All winning conclusions, whether written or spoken, contain some element that provokes and enables the target audience to respond to the conclusion’s call to action. Inspiring and motivating closing words aren’t only for those in a leadership position. They are as equally germane to any materials included in a marketing campaign. Given that a company’s goal is growth, all written and spoken materials should include a winning conclusion whose closing words resonate with the target audience.

How do you come up with winning conclusions that rival the likes of famous closing words like John F. Kennedy’s? Three keys come to mind:

  • connect with the target audience’s,
  • aim high,
  • provide your audience with the means to act.

Conclusions that Connect
Returning to President Kennedy’s famous closing words at his inaugural address, we see that his vocabulary drew everyone together into a sense of oneness. He achieved this by using the words our, us, and we. The conscious decision to position himself among the American people instead of above them reassures the people that he, himself, expects as much of himself as he expects of them. Moral of the story – make sure that your conclusion speaks as much about what you can do for your target audience as about what you ask the customer or client to do for you in purchasing your product or employing your services. The relationship you aspire to forge is not one-sided but mutually beneficial.

Conclusions that Aim High
Although not explicitly stated, President Kennedy’s closing words aimed high. How so? He spoke of generations beyond the one to which he was sharing these closing words by alluding to history being “the final judge of our deeds.” In essence, the true measure of his generation’s legacy would not be measured by the certain quality of their own life but by the potential good of future generations, the beneficiaries of their noble deeds. Along this same value of aiming high, President Kennedy’s mere proclamation to reach the moon, inspired a whole generation to galvanize their efforts in making that happen.

When putting the finishing touches on your company’s marketing materials, aim high! Just go for it! If you think that a new customer will realistically just buy one of your products, encourage them to purchase two in your conclusion. TV infomercials are notorious for aiming high. In their ten minute segment of closing words they offer free bonuses or second, free sets for customers who respond to the call to buy their item. Although infomercials use high pressure tactics to get people to aim high, strive to convince your customer to aim high and buy more than they originally intended, or to subscribe to your service for a longer period of time than anticipated, by reemphasizing the real benefits you offer.

Conclusions that Provide the Means
President Kennedy’s famous closing words recognized that his call to put country before self could require sacrifice and struggle. Given the demands of his call to action, he declared to his audience the means that would enable them to realize Kennedy’s vision for the country. Those means consisted in “asking [God’s] blessing and His help.” Unlike Kennedy’s reference to God as the means to carrying out his famous closing words, closing words for marketing purposes should include your phone number, mailing address, email address, website url and social media sites. In the end, your objective is to begin a long-lasting dialogue with your target audience and, if they cannot contact you, the dialogue never begins.

If your marketing efforts aren’t garnering the kind of growth in customers or clients you want, then maybe your conclusion’s closing words and content are weak. Does your conclusion connect with the target audience’s, aim high, and provide your audience with the means to act? Look it over, make some adjustments, let an objective eye critique it for you and, if you just haven’t managed to come up with those famous closing words that will earn you a winning conclusion, consider outsourcing your project to professional content writers whose business it is to bring a winning conclusion to all textual materials of your marketing campaign.

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