15 Must-Use Content Promotion Tools

In a world where everyone is turning to the Internet, it’s a necessity to ensure whatever content you post is not only consistently updated, but also promoted. There are a variety of ways to promote your content.

Image courtesy of Flickr.com user mkhmarketing

Image courtesy of Flickr.com user mkhmarketing

Read on for the top fifteen must-use content promotion tools:

G+: G+ allows you to choose with whom you want to share your content. If you select “public” when you post, your updates are visible to anyone, so the amount of people who see your work will increase. G+ is a social media site that brings content to you—you’ll be able to find posts and articles tailored to your interests in your news feed, even if you do not know the person who shared or posted the content.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is great for building a professional network. Groups on LinkedIn are similar to a forum—you simply select a group and enter a keyword, then you’ll find others with the same interests and you’ll be able to promote yourself and your content on one site.

Facebook: Facebook is great for getting your content to many people. With a vast number of users, you have potential for many to see and share your content. You can also give shout outs, thanking those that influenced you and those who shared your work.

Twitter: Twitter is a social network that uses hashtags to allow you to connect with other users. With the variety of communication networks, your content may reach a variety of people, many of whom (depending on the communication network) will retweet your message and content to their followers.

Various Industry Forums: With the increase in social media networks, many people are forgetting about various industry forums on which they can promote their work. By ignoring this content promotion resource, you may be missing out on thousands of views.

Email Lists: Whether those on your list are customers or not, sending emails as a way of promoting your work will also increase your readers. A link to email can usually be found on a cell phone next to a social media link.

Earned Media: A great way to promote your content is to ask your followers to share with their followers. The followers that share your content make up a “trusted third party,” which will show others that your work is worth their time. As Convince and Convert points out, “earned media is most important,” because it is based off the respect others have for your work.

Social Media Tools: Sites such as Commun.it and SproutSocial are useful for tracking and maintaining your followers and relationships on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. By building relationships and responding when necessary (which can also be tracked on these sites), you are effectively building a group of trusted third party followers that will aid you when promoting your content.

Blogs: Writing about your content is a great way to promote it. Blogging sites like WordPress are quickly becoming social media networks in their own way. You can follow other bloggers, so when you write a blog about your content, your followers will read it and maybe direct others to it, thereby promoting your content.

Social Sharing Communities: Similar to blogging sites, websites such as Social Buzz Club are made up of bloggers trying to deliver their content to the masses. How much they share your content depends on how much you share their content, so it’s important to be very active if you join these communities.

Add a Link: KISSmetrics suggests finding you most popular content and adding a link to your newest content. If your readers check your site regularly, they’ll see the new. If new readers find your more popular content, they’ll see the link to your new content.

Communicate: Contact people who have liked or shared content similar to yours. Use hashtags on sites like G+ or Twitter to see who is sharing content similar to yours and direct message them to ask to read and share your content.

Use Key Words: When sharing content on your social media accounts, use key words or phrases from your article as snippets to intrigue your followers.

Ask for a Quote: Contact an expert in your field, explain the content, and ask if they’d be willing to contribute some thoughts. When your work is complete, email them to express your thanks and attach the final product for them to read (and possibly share).

Thank and Tag Influencers: Search Engine Watch brings up a good point—whatever social media outlet you use, always make sure to thank and tag those who influenced the article. They’ll see the notification of your tag, see the content, and then possibly share it with their followers.


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