How to Profit from Content Writing (What’s Changed?)

Content writing is an ever changing, rapidly expanding profession. How do you profit midst the competition and changes? Influenced by search engine optimization and an audience which has become used to accessing large volumes of content on an instant basis, the content writing market will continue to evolve. Understanding what makes content useful for customers will help one to profit, additionally knowing technological changes will allow a content writer to adapt to these changes and become more

Quality Opposed to Quantity

Today content marketing is about writing high-quality informative pieces. With a seemingly unlimited number of sources and endless possibilities for information persons, searching the internet are looking for something useful, informative, and of a high-quality. Gone are the days where the sheer amount of content written with the right amount of keywords alone would drive someone to your site, or service. In today’s market, it is about finding a balance between a solid body of content of high quality and quantity. Content writers as such should shift focus from how much they write to the overall quality of writing. Offering one or two high-quality pieces will further add to a portfolio while at the same time will result in a customer receiving higher benefits than four or five lower quality pieces.

Target Audience: Personal as Opposed to Mechanical

Once upon a time search engines only looked for key words. Content was used to drive people to your website and built solely around a select number of words that the search engines would be able to find. As search engines have evolved, so has the content needed to achieve the same results. In today’s market with ongoing development and sophistication of algorithms that search engines employ, writing with an audience in mind is essential. Experts mainly agree that as search engine optimization changes, content writing will need to continue to become aimed at the audience as opposed to the list of keywords used historically.  Writing informative informational content with the reader in mind will help guide search engines to the content being created.

Link to Social Media

Ignoring social media would be akin to writing and not hitting spell check.  Social media has an influence on not only search engine results but also is a viable way for a content writer to network, and expand writing into new markets. Often persons hiring a content writer also may need someone to manage social media accounts, by offering your social media as an example you can and will find writing work managing others social media accounts. When it comes to driving search engine results to your site social media is essential to increase ratings. As content is shared, tagged, and liked on social media search engine results are increased.  Social media will continue to drive the content market as sites such as Facebook integrate search features, and in app searching becomes used more and more often.

Consistency and Themes

When writing a blog focusing on one or two themes is essential for not only the search engines but also to build an audience. When you are a trusted source for consistent information on a single theme, your blog is visited more often, and you build a customer and audience base. When you shift topics or themes, your audience loses interest or finds you less organized decreasing returning visits.

Staying Up To Date

Content writers should continue to be aware of mobile optimization and app writing. As more and more apps are created writing for these apps evolves. Reading and searching on a cell phone screen appears different than a computer monitor. When using voice search on mobile devices a person interacts more personally than a traditional web search. Finally, being aware of how users will read your content can help you to create the high-quality, user-friendly, informative pieces necessary. Large words, or sentences often will not translate well onto mobile devices. Being aware of technological changes and how your content will be viewed becomes more and more essential.  ~Jenny

Do you think content writing will be more or less profitable in 2016? Why or why not?

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