Twenty Ideas for Finding Better Blog Topics

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Another day, another blog post. Any blogger can tell you that it’s difficult to keep up a steady stream of blog posts that readers will find worthy of their time to read and to keep coming back for more.  How do you discover unique angles? Bookmark these ideas to find better blog topics.

1.      Check your best-performing posts. Your blog’s dashboard can become your best friend. Use it to pinpoint your most-read posts. Brainstorm more blog topics related to those posts.

2.      Re-blog your best posts in other formats. Did readers love your take on Christmas cookies? Plan another post featuring a slideshow of your favorite cookies, or post a how-to tutorial on one recipe. You might even branch out and try a video posting showing you making some cookies.

3.      Google ideas. Brainstorm a list of terms you enjoy blogging about (recipes, craft projects, technology, etc.) and type each into Google. What comes up? Browse the results and you’re sure to think of a blog topic or two.

4.      Carry a notebook. Bloggers are observant people. Carry a small notebook, because you never know when a great blog topic will occur to you: while watching a theater production, while noticing unusual packaging at the grocery store – but hopefully not while driving!

5.      Read other blogs. Type some favorite topics and “blog” into a search engine, and see what comes up. You don’t want to copy other bloggers, but you can often glean ideas from them for topics.

6.      Join a Facebook group. There are thousands of Facebook groups. Take advantage by joining one; either a group for bloggers or a group based on the specific interests of your blog. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for blog topics here.

7.      Leave the computer. In order to write interesting blog posts, you need to step away from the computer now and then to actually live. You can find intriguing blog post ideas outside, in nature and in your community.

8.      Read books. It doesn’t matter if they’re fiction or non-fiction, reading widens your world and is bound to give you food for thought (and for writing!).

9.       Ask questions. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account for your blog, ask your readers directly: what are some topics you’d like to read a post about?

10.  Search for memes. A quick search of “blog memes” will reveal a wealth of question-type blog posts that can serve as a template for an easy and interesting post.

11.  Read comments. Pay attention to what readers have commented on for your previous posts. This can give you ideas for future posts.

12.  Guest post. Write to a few bloggers who you’ve befriended – or would like to. They may be interested in exchanging guest posts. This makes your blog more interesting to readers, and can also grow your audience.

13.  Eavesdrop. Next time you’re out in public, listen in on a few conversations. What are people talking about? Could you turn anything you heard into a blog post?

14.  Check news sites. Often, current news events make great blog post fodder. Often, the best post ideas come from “soft” news: has a controversial study come out lately? Blog about your opinion!

15.  Create a schedule. Blog post planning can be easier with some “regular” features. Perhaps you could blog about cooking for each “Menu Plan Monday,” or participate in “Wordless Wednesday” with a photo each week.

16.  Review a book. Write about your thoughts on a book you just read. Ask your readers for their thoughts, or for further reading recommendations.

17.  Review a product. Is there a product you’re hating? Loving? Tell your readers about it! You might even send your post to the company. Who knows? If they like your posting, they may send you products for future reviews.

18.  Social Media. What are your friends/followers talking about on Facebook and Twitter? Social media is a great place to find popular topics.

19.  Talk to a friend. Chances are, the topics that you talk about with friends are ones that online readers will enjoy reading about, too.

20.  Check your referrals. Look in your blog dashboard to see search terms that bring readers to your site. Blog about topics that come up frequently in the results.

Do you have a few to add?  Share them with us!


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