What’s your story?

You’ve noticed top brands presenting creative stories during the Superbowl and winter Olympics.  They’ve intertwined touching moments from athletes’ lives into brand messaging.

Now, it’s your turn.

Help clients to understand you. What is the mission behind your brand?

Know your story and breathe life into your message with word pictures.

Then, share your story on your blog, through press releases, via email, and with social media.

Here’s an example of a story from My Web Writers’ founder, Jean.  She shared this story with Huntington University students last year during a Forrester lecture.

Before Google Was Google and My Web Writers was My Web Writers

A couple decades ago, I was a high school and community college, English and speech teacher with a dual background in Communications and media.

Back then, AOL gave you the ability to build html web pages. It occurred to me that I could build these web pages and put extra credit assignments and homework assignments online for parents and students. This was before the Internet as you know it. Schools did not have web pages. But it excited me to be on the cutting edge for this generation of teens (who are all in their late thirties/ early forties, today.) They would inevitably need to know more about search and the Internet. I had NO idea that I actually was training myself for my future career.

I laugh because I remember the principal coming into my room and somberly explaining that we had a problem. A parent had called to complain that I was offering extra credit to students who used the computer and that the home of this particular student did not have a computer. Apparently, the student did not want to come in before or after school to complete the extra credit in the school’s computer lab. This was 1997 and we felt tech-savvy, but we had no idea how much more was to come. Google was live by 1998.

When You’re Ahead of the Curve, Keep Your Vision. Keep Going!

I remember thinking…REALLY?… Hello. Am I really being scolded for this? This is your future. But, at that moment in time, using a web page to host a teacher’s extra credit assignment was ahead of the curve. Should I carry my torch?

I continued to offer extra credit on the web. I was the only teacher in this large, suburban high school that had a web page. How ‘bout that for how things have changed?

Now, I lead a team of talented writers who craft content for the Internet each day. An entire industry was built from kids who made time in a computer lab years ago.

What’s your story?  

If you can’t identify it or write it, find a writer who can.

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