Why the Best Web Writers Read Industry News

Read Industry NewsEvery day, we’re inundated with massive amounts of information, from social media to news and television. It can be tempting to tune out all of the noise, but within this communication storm, there’s a lot of valuable information to be found – especially for web writers.

Writers, you need to make time to read industry news.  You’ll find out about the latest trends, technology, new ways of thinking to stay qualified and knowledgeable on a variety of topics.  Employers, the following five benefits should compel you to search for and hire writers and writing agencies that are up-to-date on industry news.

To understand the latest trends

Industry news covers emerging trends. Writers should be able to dialogue about the latest with your blog and social media readers. Creating content based on stale information will result in outdated content that will reflect poorly upon your business. Knowing the latest trends can also inspire your web writer’s with new ideas, angles, and topics.

To understand new technology

Get familiar with the newest technologies.  Can you name five of the ten breakthrough technologies of 2013? You want your web writers to not only be able to write intelligently on these technologies, you also want them to know enough that they can take advantage of any benefits these new technologies might be able to offer them personally.

To remain competitive

Regularly reading industry news will help you to be among the most educated and competitive content creators in the market.  The information learned will give you a cutting edge advantage over the competition. Consuming industry news will also help inform your writers of potential competitor strategies, so that they can help you stay one step ahead with the content you’re publishing.

To trigger new ways of thinking

Industry news often highlights new and innovative ways of thinking. As your writers regularly consume this information, they are more likely to adopt a similar, innovative mindset, which helps writers to produce cutting edge content that grabs a reader’s attention and offers insightful information. For example, reading an article that highlights the ways in which Google+ communities are more effective for businesses than Facebook fan pages will encourage your writers to research deeper into this topic and stretch their old ways of thinking.

To inspire content

In addition to just innovation, industry news can also lead to inspiration. Specifically, reading industry news will help your web writers to get their creative juices flowing. Fueled by inspiration, your writers will be able to produce quality content more quickly than if they lacked the inspiration that so often induces a writer’s block. What they learn from the industry will also help to train them to always keep their eyes and ears open for new content ideas that could be of use either now or in the future.

Within every industry, it’s important to stay in the know on the latest happenings that could affect you both personally and professionally. For writers, industry news helps to identify new trends, share valuable information and keep you competitive in your field. Most importantly, this news can help inspire new ideas and new ways of thinking! ~Stephanie

Share your opinion! What do you find to be the most compelling benefits of writers who read industry news?

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