Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Email Audience

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The inbox is a sacred place for personal messages and important information. It’s a virtual “home” for many of us. Much the same way we would protect our home from unwanted intruders, people protect their inbox from unsolicited marketing messages. To motivate people to sign-up for yet one more newsletter can seem like an impossible task. But there are several strategies to help make this not such a fruitless effort. Here are 5 effective ways you can begin growing your email audience now!

Make it easy.

If you want people to do anything, you have to make it as easy as possible! To grow your email audience, be sure that subscribing is an option clearly available to your customers. Place a sign-up button prominently on your web site or blog. Also, market it across social media by sharing a link for people to sign-up. Finally, be sure that your current newsletter has the option to subscribe. Sure, the person receiving it is already on your email list, but if they forward it to a friend you want to be sure to give that person an easy way to sign up as well!

Offer incentive.

So you’ve clearly given your customers an easy way to sign-up to receive your newsletters, but your audience hasn’t grown much. Now what? Offer incentive! Your customers’ inboxes are already bombarded with junk mail and unsolicited messages.  They want to know that what you’re offering isn’t more spam.  Offer exclusive news, advice or discounts through your newsletter.   Let them know exactly how often they’ll hear from you – say once a month.  Some businesses even offer a special one-time discount that’s instantly sent once you sign-up. If people know they’ll save 20% on their purchase, they’re more likely to share their info!

Capture every relationship.

Asking people to subscribe is only one way to grow your email audience; another is to subscribe for them. This doesn’t mean buying a list or randomly taking email addresses from people you don’t know. This means auto-subscribing people who have used your products or services or fill out a contact form on your web site. This will help you reach every customer at least once and engage some of those people who would never sign up on their own. It’s very important to offer an unsubscribe option in all of your emails and to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. So long as you give people an easy way to opt-out, there’s no problem with auto-subscribing your customer base. In many cases, people will choose to continue receiving these emails and build a closer relationship with your business.

Provide meaningful content.

Content is king. If your newsletters fail to offer valuable information or resonate with your audience, you will begin to see the number of unsubscribers rise with each e-blast. To avoid undoing all of your hard work, put the necessary effort into creating meaningful content that’s tailored to your customers’ wants and needs. But don’t get wrapped up in writing a whole novel! Keep your messages short and sweet. A long newsletter will overwhelm your readers and seem like one more thing on their to-do list. Make your content tasty and easy to digest.

Be consistent.

Now that you’ve got their attention, don’t blow it! Be sure to set a regular frequency for your newsletters and stick to it. Readers don’t want to be bombarded with a message every other day for a week and then never hear from you for 2 months. Be consistent. For some businesses, a monthly newsletter is all they need while others have enough content to send a weekly email. How often you send messages should be based on how much useful or important information you have to share.  Most importantly, this consistency will keep readers engaged and keep you top of mind.

There you have it – 5 ways to grow your email audience! Don’t let your messages get lost in wind. Utilize these tools to begin building your audience and maximizing the impact of your email marketing today. ~Stephanie

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