Seven Helpful Apps for Social Media Marketers

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With social media, time is of the essence. There is only a small window from the moment something happens until it’s old new or no longer relevant to your audience. But just because social media doesn’t stop, doesn’t mean you have to be strapped to a computer ready and waiting for the perfect opportunity to post content. The seven following apps have changed the face of social media management, removing the automation and redundancies and freeing up more of your time to handle the higher level thinking.

1. Facebook Home

Facebook is a pillar of all social media. You’re likely familiar with the standard Facebook mobile app, but this one allows you to be even more connected to your online world. Facebook Home replaces the homescreen on your mobile device with your Facebook news feed, giving you instant access to your network’s updates and activities every time to unlock your phone. If you find yourself checking Facebook at least once an hour (and likely much more frequently than that) Facebook Home will save you both time and steps.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an essential tool for social media marketers whether you use it from your computer or from your phone. The mobile app is well-designed and makes posting content quick and easy. You can take a photo, write a caption and have it blasted out across numerous profiles in mere seconds. Long gone are the days of having to log into each account separately and format the same message again and again—and boy are we glad!

3. Flipboard

Many social media apps do little more than mimic timelines, but Flipboard connects and combines many of your social network accounts into a single, attractive magazine-style page. You can stay in the know with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Tumblr all in one app. This takes the redundancy out of logging into multiple accounts and checking each feed individually. Best of all is Flipboard’s stylish layout which makes scrolling through updates much more interesting.

4. Gowalla

Gowalla is a free, location-based social networking app that uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to determine your location and suggest things to do nearby. If you find yourself in a new city for the night and want to explore the local nightlife, Gowalla is an intuitive and reliable source for entertainment. Once you decide on a fun excursion, be sure to share it on social media! Note: Gowalla is best used in large cities where more users means more suggestions of activities.

5. Plume

Formerly known as Touiteur, Plume is stylish Twitter client that allows you to customize and organize your contacts and content. Features include color-coded contacts, the ability to hide specific tweeters/topics, inline photos and streaming. The common theme among helpful social media marketing apps is their ability to cut through the chaos and cut down on your time spent sifting through information that’s not relevant to you. Plume is a perfect example of such an app. Twitter especially requires real-time communication and Plume helps you stay organized to stay on top of your interactions.

6. Instagram

Instagram continues to blow up the social media scene. Because it is centered on sharing images, it’s an essential tool for all social media marketers looking to further their brand visually. The Instagram mobile app allows you to take any photo from your phone, edit it with filters and borders and share it with a large audience – all without ever needing to touch a computer.

7. Feedly

More and more we rely on our phones as a source of entertainment and information when we have a few moments to spare. Feedly captures and organizes new posts from all of the blogs to which you subscribe, allowing you to easily catch up on your reading while you’re waiting in line or waiting on a friend. This app can really help commit you to keeping up with your blog feed by making it easy and accessible on a moment’s notice.

Much of the information shared to social media happens on the go. It’s important to have the ability to create, post and manage content from anywhere. Mobile apps are the tools to do just that. Take the time to try a few, or try them all, and decide which ones best fit your lifestyle and organizational preference. Be sure that they make life easier, not more complicated and commit to using them in order to achieve the most benefits!    ~Stephanie

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