Tips to Bring Your Writing Resume into the 21st Century

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Technology has raised the bar for what defines a knock-out resume. For writers, this standard is even higher because you’re expected to excel at selling something with words – and in this case, what you’re selling is yourself. To remain competitive in the job market, you need a resume that stands out while presenting your talents in the most professional and memorable way possible. The following is a short list of the many available features you should consider adding to your resume. These will help you to show a future employer at first glance that you understand and use the latest technologies. Even the smallest addition can help your resume rise to the top of the stack!

Include social media

Social media can be both an advantage and a pitfall to a resume. If you regularly maintain your accounts with information that is a positive reflection on your character, it is worth considering including your social media handles here. Your Linkedin profile should always contain professional information, so this is a safe bet to begin with. Carefully consider adding your Twitter or Facebook profiles as well. The benefit of adding social media to your resume is that it shows that you are proficient at utilizing this technology and can do so in a professional manner. It will also allow future employers to take a more interactive look at your personality and may ultimately help you to land that job.

Use a QR Code

A Quick Response Code (or QR Code) is another way to incorporate interactive technology into your resume. These codes can be used to direct users to any number of things. You may choose to send a future employer to your online writing portfolio, blog or web site. Maybe you even have a video you’d like to showcase. This information can all be conveniently shared through a QR Code which users access by using their smart phones. Helpful Tip: Don’t pay for a QR Code! There are many web sites that will generate you one for free such as

Get graphic

Infographics are being incorporated more and more into resumes. They are particular applicable to graphic designers or marketing professionals, but they can also be successful used in a writing resume as well. Much like social media profiles and QR Codes, they display your knowledge of advancing technologies and add that extra element of interest that will capture a future employer’s attention. They are also a creative way to tell the story of who you are and what you can do. If you aren’t skilled at creating your own infographic, seek out the help of a friend or explore the option of hiring someone to create one for you. While this may require a small investment, landing that job will pay you back ten-fold!

Writers may be a dime a dozen, but you have the opportunity to make your resume stand out among the rest. Showcasing your use of social media and knowledge of the latest technologies will turn your resume into a part of your work portfolio! ~Stephanie

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