Information Overload – Ideas for Making Content Connect without the Clutter

By My Web Writers

Sometimes the information we have is so wonderful, that we want to share it all. We want to give our readers, customers, and site visitors all the delicious details of the information we have, but sometimes it’s just too much to handle, and websites are left looking cluttered. Get past the information overload and start making your content connect without the clutter.


Whether you’re starting a website from scratch or rearranging your current site, you’ve got to prioritize your information. Think about what you want site visitors to see first, and what could be pushed further towards the bottom.


Too many menus will only create clutter, but one main menu at the top of the page is always a good idea. It should be an easy and organized way of showing site visitors where they can find what they’re looking for. Don’t have too many items in your menu. It’s a good idea to condense your menu to 5-8 categories, and then have drop-down subcategories off of that.


Welcome site visitors with a brief description of the purpose of your site or business. Keep it short and simple, though. Too many words will quickly drive people away. Content on your homepage should be kept at a minimal and never, ever look cluttered. So keep your introduction to the point.

Don’t fear whitespace

Whitespace isn’t necessarily white, it’s any space that doesn’t include text or graphics. It is NOT wasted space! Whitespace is a common element of all designs in both print and online. If every last area on your page is covered in something, it will definitely have a cluttered look. When leaving whitespace on a page, however, always make sure it is towards the outside- the sides or the top or bottom. Otherwise, it will appear “trapped” and look awkward.

Avoid too much animation

Sometimes it’s nice to have a flashing phrase or a dancing mascot, but too much movement will make your content seem elementary and unprofessional. Your site visitors should feel comfortable, not like they’ve just struck the jackpot at the casino.

Picture perfect

Of course content is made stronger with visual aids. However, if you have a lot of visual aids, they can make things look cluttered. If you feel a lot of graphics or photos are necessary for your content, put them in an album that can pop out in a new window, instead of putting them all directly in your content. Also, remember that photos should be high-quality and only enhance your content, not deter from it.

Get a second opinion

Try arranging your content in different ways and ask people which they like best. No one knows better than your customers or site visitors. They are the ones who visit your website frequently to check out your great content. Ask them how they would like things arranged, and make sure they don’t feel your content is cluttered.

Cluttered content is something no one wants to see. It will turn people away from your website in a flash, even if you’ve got great content. So take the time to prioritize, rearrange things, make some menus, and always remember to make things easy for those navigating your content. Taking the time to do so will be well worth it when people enjoy checking out your content more than they did before. ~Natalie


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