3 Reasons to Use Tumblr for Business Marketing and Promotion

By My Web Writers

Tumblr has made a splash in the past month or so. News broke on May 20 as Yahoo Inc confirmed its plan to purchase the micro-blogging powerhouse for $1.1 billion. While Tumblr has many visitors, its lackluster revenues have led some to question Yahoo’s decision.

Digiday reveals that in March of this year, Tumblr had 29.2 million unique visitors. That’s a considerable amount of traffic that Yahoo certainly hopes will boost it’s own bottom line, but really, what are they all doing on Tumblr? Tumblr tends to specialize in incredibly niche blogs. To understand just how niche that is, check out Buzzfeed’s countdown of the top 16 Tumblr blogs which cover topics such as “White Men Wearing Google Glass,” and trying to find affordable housing in New York City a la “The Worst Room.”

There are many major brands using Tumblr. Publishing, fashion, and broadcast media seem to be the most successful at providing an endless stream of content to the mostly 18-24 year old crowds that populate Tumblr (only 1% of users on the microblogging site are 65 or older).  Even if your brand isn’t in the four categories that seem to work best on Tumblr, that’s no reason not to try out the platform. There are three big reasons to use Tumblr to promote your business and market your brand:

1.You get to use hashtags and images.

Twitter is mainly text based, and while Facebook has text, images, and now hash tags, it’s hard to search or compile. Tumblr offers gorgeous imagery and multimedia support, as well as searchable hashtags.

2. Setting up a tumblr account for a trial run is both free and easy.

Create an account and pick a theme. You can create your name to match a domain you already own or pick a different one, the choice is yours. Remember, though, the purpose of Tumblr and all its unique curation leads to point number three;

3. Build up a relationship to your brand.

As said in the MWW blog on making social media marketing more effective, it’s important to make it personal, and Tumblr enhances that aspect of your brand. You can share photos and insights, as well as using a feature that allows you to have a question box on your Tumblr page for you followers to submit to.

As with any marketing endeavor, you should have some sort of defined goals for your Tumblr, “and those goals, according to Mike Rynchek, president of Spyder Trap Online Marketing, shouldn’t be monetary, nor should you expect one service to pull your business up by its bootstraps.

‘I look at Tumblr as an ingredient in a bigger recipe,’ he says. ‘Tumblr helps facilitate your search efforts, which in turn drives more traffic to your site. This helps give you an indirect return on investment. Tumblr can also help create another indirect return through engagement.’”

Smoke Signals, a bakery in North Carolina, pairs beautiful pictures of their food and farm with notes on the process, their plans for the day, and thoughts on life. They never advertise prices or promotions, but their microblog makes you want to drive or fly to North Carolina and spend time with them, buy some baked goods.

Remember, Tumblr’s easy to set up, and you’ll never know whether it will be successful for you until you try it. While you’re there, check out the MyWebWriters tumblr and say hello. ~Sara 

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