Write a Better Press Release with Our Template and Tips

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It’s difficult to get noticed these days. It’s easy to get a press release out to media outlets across the globe with the help of the internet, but it’s not easy to stand out from the rest and get your press release noticed.

prFor extra guidance, consult a press release writer, but you might first want to try our template on writing an engaging press release that will get your content noticed and published:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (this lets the reader know they are reading a press release with important, time-sensitive material)

Name (who is writing the press release OR who should be contacted for further information)
(Director of Marketing, Marketing Assistant, etc.)
Web Address

Headline (write a headline that is to the point)

Month date, year – Location

Opening Paragraph – You aren’t writing a news story or magazine article, so don’t get caught up in trying to be clever. The first paragraph needs to summarize the entire press release in a sentence or two. It will hopefully cover the “who, what, where, when and why”. There’s no need to bury your information.

Also, make sure your information is newsworthy, or that it has the potential to be built upon to make a great news story.

Include a quote – A good press release will include at least one quote from an industry expert or analyst. This adds some good substance to your press release and gives readers a chance to read someone’s opinion, since the rest of the press release should sound be objective.

Include a photo/graphic – Everyone is more drawn to a reading if it has some sort of info graphic or photo. Your release is much more likely to get picked up if there is artwork to go with it.

The rest of the release – Stick to the facts and back them up with references if appropriate. Always double check your information to make sure it is accurate. Revise and proofread to make sure grammar and spelling are free of errors. Throw in another quote towards the end if it adds value to the release. Don’t use quotes just to fill space.

Boilerplate – End your press release with a paragraph of information about the company that is releasing the information to the media. For example:

About Crazy Willie’s
Crazy Willie’s is a chain of mini amusement parks located in six states in the Midwest. It serves thousands of fun-seeking children and adults who are looking for an affordable and fun day trip. Since 1963, Crazy Willie’s has provided guests with state-of-the-art thrill rides and carnival games. For more information on Crazy Willie’s, visit CrazyWilliesPark.com.

Writing good press releases takes lots of practice. Use our template above to help you get started, and consider going to members of the media to learn what will entice them to pick up your release. Before you know it, you’ll be writing releases that get published or at least pique the interest of the media.


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2 responses to “Write a Better Press Release with Our Template and Tips

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  2. Bobby Vincent

    Having used a press release submission to showcase many of my
    websites I always ensure that I access the well established newswires to submit my press release.
    I’ve tried using the free pr distribution sites but you in reality do get what you pay for. A press release is too beneficial a promotional strategy to skimp on. A paid for distribution service like PR Buzz, Email Wire, SBWire etcetera don’t just present your brand outstanding exposure but will also give strong backlinks
    and targeted traffic. That is why I continuously use a press release from the moment my site goes live and allow
    it to work its magic!

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