Seven Helpful Apps for Writers

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Everything it takes to be a writer is literally at your fingertips with mobile apps. Apps can be used to research, brainstorm, write, edit, read, many other things. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, journalist, novelist, content writer, or someone who just likes to write for fun, we’ve found seven helpful apps for writers.


Quick! You have a great idea and need to jot it down immediately, before you forget. The Writer app is a simple app that allows you to keep track of your thoughts and ideas as you have them. It’s almost like carrying stickie notes on your phone. Writers know how quickly ideas can come, and they can just as quickly escape the mind. Writer is a great app to reach for when a great idea strikes, and even better, it’s free.


If you’re not blogging… oh who are we kidding? Of course you’re blogging! Whether you’re using a blog as a journal, to jot down ideas, to share your opinions, or even if you just visit WordPress to read what others are writing, you know how important WordPress is. Use the app to do your own writings, check your blog stats and to read what others are writing.

Writers may think they know how to spell every word in the English language, but let’s face it, even the best writers can have trouble remembering how to spell certain words. Having a dictionary handy as an app is a great idea for all writers. also provides a thesaurus. Imagine tons of synonyms at your fingertips while you write!


“Know more,” is the saying for this app. Use the powerful tool to do quick research, even with voice-enabled search. Quora is a question-answer app where multiple people can give insights on various topics. Use their insights to find the answers you’re looking for, or consider writing some answers of your own to help out others.


Think about it. Who couldn’t use an extra pocket? This pocket, however, is on your phone or tablet. Pocket allows you to store articles, photos and more for later use. Keep all sorts of things you find on the internet for inspiration in one place… your Pocket!

Mindjet Maps

So many ideas, so difficult to organize! Your English teachers were on to something when they had you map out your essays and stories. Mindjet Maps helps you visually organize information. Organize your writing project with topics and subtopics. This is one of our favorite brainstorming apps.

Google Drive

If you’re a writer, it’s likely that you’re working on more than one project at a time. Google Drive, which now includes Google Docs, helps you keep all your files in one place. Access them and share them at any time with ease. You can even work on your projects offline, when an internet connection isn’t available.

There are hundreds of apps available that can make life easier if you’re a writer.  Do your research and see which apps work best for you. They can certainly make your life easier!  ~Natalie


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2 responses to “Seven Helpful Apps for Writers

  1. Andy Welfle

    Because virtually all of the writing I do is for the web, I like to compose primarily in Markdown syntax. Here are just a few of the mainstay apps I use (on a primarily Mac and iOS based workflow):

    I’m a huge fan of iA Writer for Mac — it’s super simple, very pretty, and easily exportable to other formats. Great for note taking or blog post composing.

    Poster for iPhone is great for drafting blog posts on WordPress in Markdown. It’s really, really easy to use without all the bells and whistles on the WordPress iPhone app.

    Finally, when I’m just writing for myself, like journaling, I really love Day One. I have it for Mac and iPhone. It’s gorgeous, easy to use, fast and makes it as easy as possible to write. It’s hard to motivate myself to journal regularly, but sometimes I’m motivated just to use this app.

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