The Pillars of SEO Every Content Writer Should Know

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Many business owners find that SEO can be a very daunting task. With so many rules and best practices to follow, it can feel like a full-time job to master this skill. But the reality is SEO is easier than you think.  Consider these pillars, when writing content for the Web.

SEOUnique and quality content – Posting unique content is one of the most important factors in improving your site’s rank. It’s a fact that Google simply will not rank a site highly if there is duplicated content. In addition to originality, concern yourself with the quality. It should be topical, and easy to read. Avoid drifting into unrelated tangents or you might risk losing readers. A blog is a great tool to create conversational content and engage readers.

As a writer, you may be great at providing in-depth analysis or research on a variety of topics, but it’s important to understand the additional pillars that contribute to SEO.  Besides content, there are site speed and coding factors that influence a site’s rankings.

Meta Data –Titles and descriptions can be used to your advantage, as both are viewed by consumers when performing a search for a particular keyword. Here, you can tell search engines what your page is about, and also attract consumers with compelling copy. Use generic keywords, along with specific ‘branded’ keywords. That way you can appeal to both groups: Those who are, and who are not familiar with your product or service. Generic keywords can be used to reach out to prospects. The branded keywords will help you attract traffic of existing customers.

Link Building– Link building is one way to boost your rank. You can do that by offering links to other reputable websites, along with your own links. In this case, quality links matter more than quantity. Have one quality link instead of five low-value ones. You can might want to consider guest blogging, which will allow you to promote your site externally, as well as further your brand.

Social Media – It appears social media is here to stay. Use it to your advantage to boost your search rankings. Links being shared through channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are great tools. YouTube videos are another way to get your message out there, while driving traffic to your site. Also, allow readers to share your content on their social media networks through sharing buttons. In theory, the more value you can offer, the more people will interact with you!

Image alt tags – Google offers image searches, as well as your normal text/keyword searches. By adding relevant alt tags to your images you can drive traffic to your site.

Accessibility –You want to make sure there is a clear structure to your website, so that all content and pages can be found easily. Otherwise, you may risk losing rank on Google searches.

In short, it’s important to realize that ranking on a major search engine will not happen overnight. Rather, it’s a process that takes time. Many business owners take this for granted, and end up frustrated due to a lack of instantaneous results. Hanging around to make the necessary updates is half the battle. If you stick with it, in time you might find you’re at the top of the search ranking for your industry!   ~Lauren


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2 responses to “The Pillars of SEO Every Content Writer Should Know

  1. Saajida

    As a creative and commercial SEO copywriter, I couldn’t agree more. And as you’ve said, ranking high on a search engine does not happen overnight; it requires a sustained effort.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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