How Video Helps Your Website’s SEO

by My Web Writers

On the Internet, video is one of the most sought after types of content and it can play a key role in increasing your website’s SEO. Video, more than any other content type, can keep viewers on your page for longer. As Google places increased value on how long visitors stay on a page, creating videos that browsers will watch is a critical, creative way to use content to your advantage.

Stickiness and Conversion

Video helps the stickiness of your page in a number of ways. First, as noted above, Google Panda looks for a difference between a short click and a long click. In a short click, the viewer clicks a link and then quickly clicks away, which indicates to the algorithm that the page is of low-quality. Videos increase viewer engagement with your page, so they help create long clicks. Further, according to comScore, an internet research company, videos are the fastest growing content on the internet. Using video content increases the likelihood that your page will be shared to other viewers or on social media.

 Embedding and Social Media

Shares on social media and links from other websites are an important way to boost your SEO, but they’re also the SEO component you have the least control over. The best you can do is create engaging content and set your site up for success, but you can’t make people share your content. To increase your video’s likelihood to get shared on social media, consider how you embed your video. If your video can only be embedded on your website, it inherently has a higher SEO rank, but allowing other users to embed your video increases the chances that it will be shared elsewhere, including social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. Along those lines, make sure your video has a clear, engaging thumbnail picture to entice viewers to actually watch the video once linked to it.  For more information, see our post about Video Basics.

 Boosting Your SEO

As you create the video content itself, there are more ways you can boost your SEO through the video. First, make sure the content is interesting and high quality. Also, consider where you host your video. According to TechCrunch, hosting your video on YouTube means it will automatically get logged by Google, increasing your SEO.

The keywords and title you use are also important. When naming your video, choose a title that uses keywords that get more hits in search engines. A creative, informative title is most important, but those keywords help too. Then, when choosing keywords for your video, make sure the keywords reflect the title of the video as well as the content. Google is invested in making sure videos are about what the title says they’re about. As internet users increasingly search out video, optimized video content can help your site’s overall SEO.

Finally, SEOmoz suggests including the transcript of your video on the page in which you embed it. That way, search engine crawlers can find not only the video, but text that supports your keyterms and content. Combined with quality content, videos can be an SEO or social media jackpot, but you have to make the right choices to set your video up for success.

From script writing to editing, consider adding  video services into your site’s SEO plan.  ~Kasey


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4 responses to “How Video Helps Your Website’s SEO

  1. Attwood Digital

    Videos does play a big part in the success of your seo efforts. People nowadays prefer and enjoy watching videos than read. They enjoy more interactive and collaborative media.

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