Video Basics: Hosting, Sharing, and Content

By My Web Writers

Adding video content to your website, blog, or online store is a great way to generate traffic and audience engagement. Getting the most out of your video content require more than just a good idea and a camera, however. You’ll also have to make some key decisions about video hosting, integration, embedding, and more.

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Video Hosting

A key decision for publishing your video content is whether you will host your video through a free service such as YouTube or through a professional third-party service. The majority of free videos on the internet are hosted through YouTube with another large portion on Vimeo. The major advantage of using YouTube is that your video will automatically be logged by Google, boosting its rank for your SEO. Plus, your content will be available to an enormous audience for free.

There are also advantages to using a professional service such as Vzaar or Wistia. The most obvious advantage is the higher quality of video you will get through a hosting service. Using a third-party service also gives you more control over the publishing of your video and where it is available. With customized services you can more closely link your video to your website so that, if the video finds a large audience without the help of YouTube’s base, your video will create a priceless link between the content and your company.

Video Embedding

Once you’ve decided on how you’re hosting your video content, you’ll need to consider how you will code and allow embedding of your video. One option is to restrict your video from being embedded outside of your domain or webpage. This strategy is strongest for SEO as it creates that solid, exclusive link between your video and your site. It also, however, reduces the likelihood of readers sharing your video on social media. Conversely, allowing people to embed your video outside your webpage increases social media viability, but decreases its weight in SEO. Therefore, your decision about how your video can be embedded hinges on whether you are counting on the SEO boost from sharing, +1s, tweets, pins, and Facebook likes or if you are relying on the content to hold its own on your site.

Further, little details can go a long way, so when you are considering how your video will be embedded, remember to choose a strong thumbnail picture. Thumbnail pictures should create an intriguing image of your content that also clearly captures the main point of your video. For example, if your video is a demo, your thumbnail could be a clear shot of the skill, craft, or food your video demonstrates. Thumbnails are important for earning clicks on Google as well as social media sites such as Pinterest.

Content and Integration

To make the most of your video, it’s also important to integrate video content into your website in a seamless manner that supports your other elements. First choose video content that makes sense for your site or products (Check out our tips for creative video content). For optimal integration, limit your videos to one per page and include the video content alongside other media, such as photos, as well as engaging text. For example, if your video is a demonstration, you could include step by step screen caps as well as a transcript of your video. That way, users can watch the demo as well as see and read highlights of specific steps. As always, the more engaging and high-quality your content is, the higher it will score in Panda and the more likely readers are to return to your site.

For your video content, writing, and production needs, My Web Writers has a range of services to help you create interesting, quality video content for your brand. Check out our samples and services to see if we’re a good match for your business.  ~ Kasey



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