How Should My Business Use Google+?

By My Web WritersKasey

According to Google Vice President Bradley Horowitz, “Google+ is Google. The entry points to Google+ are many, and the integrations are more every day” ( Wall Street Journal).  Recently, the search engine has made waves by streamlining the integration between Google, Google+, YouTube, Zagat, and other online reviewing platforms. The bottom-line for many businesses is that Google+ has become unavoidable. In using any Google Apps, a Google+ profile is automatically established.  Author ranks are now passed through Google profiles. As Google pushes hard to merge many popular tools across the internet into a more public profile on Google+, it is in the best interest of businesses to keep ahead of the curve and use their Google+ profiles to increase visibility, rank, and industry engagement.

 Boost SEO through Google+

As Google strives to make Google+ integral to internet use, Google+ is likely to carry a lot of weight in SEO ranking.  Using Google+ as part of your personal or business online presence can help return better results. Set up a business site for your company on Google+ and begin to share your company pages, promotions, and news on the feed. As with any SEO, the more active your page, the more good it will do you.  You can also boost your SEO by using Google+ as a social networking platform. Install the +1 button on your pages or blog so that others can share your site. According the the Wall Street Journal, last month over 235 million people used such features. Not only does this platform increase engagement with your site, it also can help to build your rank in Google searches. Google Analytics even features an array of tools that can help you gather and analyze trends in the traffic on your page.

Network with Industry Experts

As Google+ continues to integrate with email and other applications, the ability to connect with other people becomes more open, especially as Google+ profiles are more public than many other similar platforms. Use Google+ to connect with leaders in your industry. Find the profiles for companies or individuals who you want to connect with and add them to your circles. You can comment and ask questions in a setting where they most likely will actually see and read your posts. As Google+ is still developing its niche, now is a great time to take advantage of the relatively easy-access it provides to other people.

Develop Your Public Persona

As you use Google+ to engage with readers as well as network with the big names in your industry, you can also use your Google+ profile to develop your public or company persona. Use the photo albums to share pictures from around the office, the company picnic, trade shows, conferences, or other events. Capture a sense of your company’s personality and make your social media personal, giving visitors a sense of the faces and people behind the great services you offer. The tidy, low-key setup of Google+ allows you to do so without detracting from the visibility of the most important details about your business. Finally, when you share posts on Google+, you can use the ripples tool to see the spread and impact of your posts on Google+. Google also offers social analytics for conversions, pages, plug-ins, and sources to help you gather numbers and data about your company within the network.

Conference with Experts in Google Hangouts

In addition to the many ways you can use Google+ profiles to enhance your brand or to network, you can also use Google Hangouts to run meetings or connect with others. Unlike Skype, Google Hangouts allow you to video chat with up to ten people, making it a great tool for having face-to-face conversations with people you might not meet with otherwise. Instead of flying an expert or consultant in to meet with your office, set up a Google Hangout so that your team can discuss strategies, techniques, or other information in a way that makes the most of everyone’s time. Google Hangouts are especially handy for educators, small companies, and professionals who travel frequently, facilitating smoother communication and a more cost-effective way to meet with experts or associates.

For more information on how to use Google Plus to boost your business, check out Marni’s tips on how to use Google Plus for Content Marketing.  ~Kasey


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