How Do I Get Followers on Twitter?

by My Web Writers Followers

In the vast world of Tweets and Twitters, half the challenge is simply becoming familiar with this social media platform and getting a professional account up and running. But from there, the game has just begun. You want to begin to share your valuable information with the world around you – and most importantly, for people to listen to what you have to say. To achieve this on Twitter, you need followers.  So, how do you go about organically growing your following both quickly and meaningfully? Here are a few essential tops to getting more followers on Twitter – and best yet, they won’t cost you anything more than a little time.

1. Follow people like you.

Once you’ve spent a few weeks posting updates to Twitter, you’ll likely see a pattern emerge of the topics you most often tweet about. Allow this to guide your search for like-minded users who you’d like to follow and hear more from. For example, if you’re a blogger and most often write about time management and organization, you should consider following other Twitter users who use these keywords in their short bios or handle name. By connecting with people who share similar interests, you’re likely to also gain these people as followers. When possible, use a Direct Message to further introduce yourself and let them know why you chose to follow them. Finally, be sure to follow some of the “Big Tweets” like publications, TV shows and celebrities, who though they’re less likely to follow you back, are likely to open you to a new network of like-minded users who might.

2. Make meaningful conversation.

Once you’ve begun to gain some followers and have earned their ear, don’t lose momentum. Make conversation by using the “@” symbol before their handle name to personally tag them in a post. Learn about your followers, interact with them and become more than just a name on a computer screen – become friends. The closer your relationship is with the people who make up your following, the more likely they are to include you in one of their tweets which will showcase you and your handle to their entire network and likely garner many more followers for you.

3. Be someone worth following.

In addition to building relationships with your following, never stray from the simple but most important rule—be sure your tweets fall into at least one of these categories: funny, valuable, meaningful. In other words, only tweet information that is worth re-tweeting. This tactic will help you earn new followers that find you by their own means and think what you have to say is worth hearing. These are the most organic followers and ones that should boost your ego a bit as well.

4. Market your Twitter handle everywhere.

For as easy as this tactic sounds, it is also easily forgotten. Once your Twitter account is up and running and you’re ready to begin building your network, include your Twitter handle everywhere and on everything. Whether someone visits your web site, blog, Facebook page, Linkedin account or has your business card, they should easily be able to find your Twitter handle. Don’t miss out of this obvious opportunity to build a genuine following from people you know who want to also know you on Twitter.

5. Offer value ONLY found on Twitter.

A final tactic to build your Twitter following is to offer deals, specials or valuable information only found on your Twitter account. Be sure your entire online presence alerts people to this fact (web site, blog, other social media, etc). Essentially this gives people a reason to want to follow you on Twitter and to have the motivation to actually do so. Many businesses will offer special coupons only through their Twitter account or hold a contest where submissions must be done through Twitter. Be strategic with how often you limit your promotions to one social media platform, but if the goal is to gain a specific following, this can be a very powerful tactic.

With these tactics in your Twitter tool belt, you should be ready to build your following. While there are certainly additional tips that can be used and even some paid services which claim to quickly build your Twitter following for you, always keep in mind the following: 1. Build an audience of genuine followers who want to hear what you have to say and 2. Use fun, valuable and meaningful information to keep your followers’ attentions. ~Stephanie


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One response to “How Do I Get Followers on Twitter?

  1. Saajida

    Thanks for these pointers. I’m pretty much new to twitter and I wouldn’t want a bunch of non-relevant people following me (thankfully there’s that Block option for those spreading unpleasant tweets). 🙂

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