Five Ways to Boost Your E-tail Store with Blogging

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by My Web Writers

When you launch your first e-tail store, you will quickly notice that you need to get a little more creative with your methods of attracting customers.  If you have a company that takes care of your SEO needs or an SEO specialist on staff, you’ve got a great head start.  Creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account (as well as Pinterest, Google Plus, and other social media) will help your traffic immensely.  One of the best ways to boost the traffic of your e-tail store is to blog! Internet World Stats is a great place to find interesting statistics on how much the average e-store could benefit from blogging. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Whether you make the products you put in your e-tail store or not, blog about them!  If you do make the products you put into your e-store, blog about the creation of the products.  Don’t give too many details, but make your blog fun and informative.  Give your customers a taste of the behind-the-scenes process that produces the products they love.  Include pictures of whatever product you’re working on at various stages of the creation process.  At the end of the blog post, include a link to the finished product that is up for sale.
  2. While this may seem a bit obvious, it’s also often overlooked: link to your e-tail store in each blog post!  Make the link prominent, but work it into your post.  You can place it at the beginning of the post, the end of the post, or even work it into the body of your blog post.  Linking to your e-store will help generate traffic.  You could also link to specific products to increase traffic to the newer areas of your e-store.
  3. Blog frequently.  If you only blog, say, once a month, you won’t be doing much to increase traffic to your store.  If you blog daily, you may be blogging too much.  Stick with either weekly blogging or maybe twice a week—this way, you won’t overload your customers, but you’ll still be showing your products and making a connection to your current customers and potential new customers.
  4. You don’t always have to write an entire blog entry about products.  If you want to write about something different, say a new recipe you tried or a new product you use when making your products, write about that!  Make sure to tie it in somehow to at least one of your products.  For example, if your e-store sells knit items (such as potholders or dishcloths) and you decide to try a new recipe, take a picture of the finish food with one of your potholders and then link to that potholder.
  5. Remember: don’t be pushy!  If you present your products in a way that will inform and intrigue potential customers, you’re more likely to see an increase in traffic to your e-store.

With these tips and some practice, you’ll be able to blog for your e-store and hopefully see an increase in customers and traffic soon after beginning to blog. How to Use Blogging to Boost Your E-commerce Store’s Success by Chadrack Irobogo is a great second place to go for tips and tricks to help boost your sales.



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