Better Understand Google Analytics

by My Web Writers

Google analytics is a free tool offering numerous ways to track and optimize your E-tailer website. By playing the numbers game, you have the potential to increase your Return on Investment with minimal effort. Let common sense prevail, as you analyze the numbers and make strategic business decisions, which potentially and ultimately have the ability to magnify your web presence to a much larger audience.

Understanding Your Google Analytics Dashboard

Wow! That’s a lot of graphs and data, isn’t it? Everything including visits, pageviews, individual page visits, bounce rates, average time on site and percentage of new visitors is listed and charted for your convenience. The word “overwhelming” quickly comes to mind!

However, as an E-tailer, you want to know who your visitors are and what eye candy attracts them to your site. You also want to know what deters them, sending them running the other way all too quickly. Graphics and statistics relaying information pertaining to visitors and traffic sources make it easy to know who is frequenting your site.

If you dig a little deeper into traffic data, to discover how your site was referred to your visitors, you can maximize your referral opportunities, by increasing this avenue of pageviews. Take the path of least resistance here. Capitalize on what has already proven to be a method of securing traffic to your site.

Integrate Social Media Tracking

By integrating social media tracking, E-tailers can optimize their social media efforts. In other words, know your target audience, and respond to them accordingly. Build on what works and is already in place, while studying and improving your marketplace. This will promote higher ROI, while simultaneously expanding your networking circle.

Google Developers have created a complete Social Interaction Analytics resource, streamlining the process and making it easier to implement social media tracking on your E-tailer site.

Identify and Track Keywords

Keywords are words people use to search for something via search engines, with the prospect of landing on your E-tailer site. They are also words visitors use to search for things within your site, causing them to stay on your site longer, if those words have been optimized therein.

The goal with keywords is to know which ones attract the most traffic, initiate the best interaction and convert into sales or return visits by signing up for newsletters, e-blasts and other off-site opportunities.

Strategize to Optimize Your E-tailer Site

By utilizing everything you have in place and examining your results in Google Analytics, you can develop an effective strategy to consistently improve your numbers. Micro-manage your data to gain powerful insights into where your conversion rates come from, determining how best to serve the needs and desires of your customers.

Balance website performance against your personal and business goals, to see if it’s in sync with your specified objectives. Determine if customer leads and purchases are appropriate and efficient, and if your product campaigns, newsletters and e-blasts are being used effectively.

One of the best things about Google Analytics is that you don’t need to invest in it to expand your customer base. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the numbers, using them to enhance traffic flow, increase conversion rates and improve ROI.



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