Our List of the Best SEO Companies in the Midwest

By My Web Writers

When you begin your search for an SEO company to help pull traffic to your website, you’ll want to ask one important question: what qualities are important in an SEO company?  Look for a few specific qualities that will ensure you have a good company to help you generate traffic on your site.  These qualities include:

  • Competency:  You will want to make sure the SEO company you’re considering has example to show you they are capable of producing quality content that will result in an increase in traffic for your website.
  • Reputation: A company’s reputation says everything.  The service provider should have built a good reputation with their clients as well as among their colleagues.  Look for an SEO company with proper business ethics as well as proper techniques for bringing traffic to your website.
  • Client Relations: The SEO company you’re looking at should always be ready to help their clients.  They should be (ready and) able to demonstrate that time is of the utmost importance and they should show that they understand how valuable your time is.

After you’ve narrowed down what qualities you’re looking for in an SEO company, you can begin researching specific companies.  After doing some research for you, we’ve put together a list of some top SEO companies in the Midwest.

  •  Cirrus ABS: designs websites and offers SEO consulting services.  As one of the original, SEO companies in the Fort Wayne, IN  area, its veteran management team is active in both local and online communities.
  • Kuno Creative: turned its attention to inbound marketing in the last couple years through Hub Spot.  With a skilled team based in Cleveland, OH, Kuno’s inbound marketing starter packages begin at $6000/ mo. for 6 months.
  • Now Marketing Group: focuses on your brand’s message through their social media marketing efforts.  Pop into their Lima, OH office and in no time, a team of very hip and tech-savvy marketers will connect your Twitter and Facebook pages and videos to your SEO and brand messaging efforts.
  • Midwest Marketing Masters: resides in the Schaumburg, IL area and provides both local and national SEO services.  They focus on finding the best keywords for your product that will bring your company’s website more traffic and, ultimately, higher profits.
  • Midwest New Media: is an SEO company based in the Cincinnati area, Midwest New Media can help you track the number of people who visit your site and how they find you.  You’ll receive feedback on what pages your customers visit and how long they remain on a given page.
  • My Web Writers: is a boutique, SEO content provider in Greenwood, Indiana. We work directly with e-commerce businesses and we provide white label content services to other SEO companies.  My Web Writers writes and edits content, researches keywords, organize your site’s navigation, and coordinates with your designers and programmers.  My Web Writers provides timely content for blogs, press releases, videos, category and product pages, and various social media platforms.
  • Slingshot SEO: is based in Indianapolis, IN and offers customers full service, SEO consulting and digital management services. It focuses on customers who are able to “bring both human and financial resources to bear to achieve their objectives. ” Slingshot SEO is well known throughout the SEO industry and Indy area.

During your search for the best SEO company for your website look at the group’s reputation, competency, and client relations.  Once you find a company with high marks in those areas, you can look at examples and decide which SEO company is right for you.

Do you know of a great, SEO company in the Midwestern United States that we missed?  In the below comments section, tell us about them and where they’re located.




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5 responses to “Our List of the Best SEO Companies in the Midwest

  1. Kevin Mullett

    Thank you for including Cirrus ABS in your list Holly, and for noting its longevity. Our team believes that SEO is not only a baseline fundamental of NetCentered marketing, but also an ongoing best practice that empowers quality content to reach its maximum value. Build that quality content on a solid base and it will last.

  2. onlinewebstoreltd

    I am not in the Mid-West or even the USA. I am based in Bristol, UK. This is a great way of presenting SEO companies in your area. If you ever so a list for the UK be sure to include http://www.seo-company-bristol.co.uk

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  4. Best SEO Services Hyderabad

    Thanks for Excellent Informative Article.

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