Make a Company Video – Why YouTube is Worth My Investment

Understanding the Need to Make a Company Video

Recently, the upward trajectory of my business dramatically improved. And while I don’t believe in accidents, the game changer was not strategic. I met the owner of My Web Writers for coffee simply because we’re friends. We talked about our families, our businesses, and specifically, my aspirations to take my blog to the next level. As a web content specialist, she has valuable insight on how to earn top rankings in search engine results. After catching up, we got down to business. She offered one piece of advice:

“Make a video”.

No way! Not interested – not at all.  I don’t need video. And even if I did, I’m not 25. I’m not even 35. So I can’t do video – for sure.

My Web Writers’ asked one question: “Do you want your voice to be heard?”

Yes! But my voice isn’t carrying ten extra pounds.

Why My Business Needs to Make a Video

My business began as a novice endeavor that quickly gave root to professional purpose.  I launched Waking Up Vegan to raise awareness of the damage being done by our current way of life. Challenging the status quos with the unsustainable consequences they bestow is the only way to heal our health and save our environment.

And my message resonates. In short time, I have established myself as an expert and created a brand with potential. But while my diligence has led to impressive reactions, I’ve not been able to capture the search engines’ approval.  Sometimes it seems Google doesn’t easily differentiate between intelligent information and meaningless commentary, and there are a lot of both out there.

Why Your Business Needs To Make a Video

Accessibility is granted to pages that are searchable, and searchability is more of a science than an art. Millions of pages are added to the Internet every day; but with ever-changing Google updates, the sure fire way to be seen is with a grassroots message that goes viral. And most of those that do are delivered via video through Google’s very own – YouTube.  The bottom line is that if you want to drive traffic to your website, video content is essential.

My friend proposed a synergistic endeavor. Together, we would create two short videos that would showcase My Web Writer’s production capabilities and Waking Up Vegan’s brand. I would choose the content; she would develop the process. I wrote the script and prepared the materials and props.  She worked the production – the shot storyboard, the shoot, and the editing via Final Cut Pro.

Lights, Camera, Action! Why YouTube Videos are Easy and Complicated to Make!

The process was far more involved than I expected, which is why the end result was so dramatic. I envisioned a three-minute performance where I delivered an Oscar-award winning account of how to make laundry detergent and yogurt. I practiced in the mirror and consequently broke out in hives. But My Web Writers incorporated my script into a formal storyboard and deconstructed each scene one line at a time.  Seemingly inconsequential hand movement, eye contact and voice inflection were skillfully directed as lighting, sound and tempo were monitored. Desired effects, background sound and screen texts were considered in advance.

The day we posted the first video, the overwhelming response was not something I could have predicted. The video has gained traction with each passing day. Overall website traffic has steadily increased. Thanks to My Web Writers and YouTube, Waking Up Vegan  has found a momentum that is now bringing attention, opportunity and most importantly, action. When people know better, they do better.

A Good Message Won’t Be Heard Unless it is Seen: Make a Video!

A well-written article captures my attention, and I assumed that my target demographic would appreciate simplicity. But everyone processes information differently, and having video content opens the door to a much larger audience. If a picture says a thousand words, a well-done video might just be worth a million. Literally.

~Colleen Towner, CEO of Waking Up Vegan


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