A Quick Look Back on C3NY

By My Web Writers

Conductor Hosts a Search Conference in New York

I wistfully look back on Conductor’s C3NY 2012 conference last week.   Even if you know how to tweet, post, and adjust to Pandas and Penguins you still would have found new insights at this conference.  Put September 17, 18, and 19 on your C3 2013 calendar.

Meet Other SEO Professionals

If you read Search Engine Watch (Jonathan Allen), or are versed in The Art of SEO by Stephan Spencer, you would have enjoyed discussing strategies with them or asking questions with catered responses.

Meet Representatives from Google and Bing

If you work with Google’s and Bing’s webmaster tools, then Duane Forrester‘s suggestion that Google ought to call its next update “the loon” would have given you a chuckle, too.

Putting a face on a name and personality breathes life into those quiet days behind the computer.  Our favorite quote of the conference came from Forrester, “Compelling and unique content still wins the day.”  He suggests that we find our audience’s “hooks” – the ego hook, the humor hook.  Whatever our audience responds to, “amplify it.”


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