Top FREE Resources To Improve Your SEO

By My Web Writers

Search Engine Optimization is a current buzzword and a growing focus for almost every business that’s on the web and wants a better chance of being found. While the idea makes perfect sense, SEO can be a very confusing topic.  Many businesses hire professional, SEO writers, but some just can’t afford top writers.  The good news is taking control of your SEO and pushing traffic to your web site doesn’t have to be a huge line item in your budget. There are many free resources out there you can utilize right now to start earning better SEO. Here are the top four you should be considering: – Both personally and professionally you should care about how you rank in search results. But what if you don’t like what you see? is a very intuitive web site designed to help give you more control over the content about you that ranks the highest in search results. This site’s step by step process walks you through the different ways in which you can begin improving your SEO right now and even suggests things you can do to increase it further. Not everyone can be a web guru and that’s exactly why was created, to help the average person increase their SEO without paying an arm and a leg. – Creating a Gravatar takes just minutes and saves you hours of having to upload a photo, bio and web site link to every profile you’ve ever created across the web. Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar that follows you to any web site you could imagine, allowing you to comment, post on a blog or join in a discussion with your information easily at hand. Best of all is that this creates a consistent message and brand for you that makes you more recognizable and allows other people to easily learn more about your business with a simple click on your Gravatar.

Blogs – Whether you’re a or type of person, having a blog for you or your business that is hosted on a large blogging community like one of these two sites will help increase your SEO. It’s tempting to want to solely host your blog on your web site, but you risk losing the powerful SEO that comes from a large, established and constantly growing web site like Blogger or WordPress. Creating a blog may be free and simple, but it does require at least monthly updating. Don’t forget to use it once you put the time into creating it!

Article Publishing Sites – Web sites like or are a great place to republish any articles or blog posts you have written. Much like creating a blog, hosting additional content on these large and growing web sites is a great way to increase your SEO but providing yet more positive content that will appear in search engines. You never know where people are looking or what they’re looking for. The more your content is published and read, the more it will continue to rank higher and higher in search engines. Best of all this should cost you no money and only minimal time since you can use content you’ve already put the time into writing.

Now it’s time to put these free resources to use – get out there any start increasing your SEO!



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