Social “ME”dia: Make Social Media Marketing More Effective by Making it Personal

By My Web Writers

Social media is designed to be personal. Whether you’re considering Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any of the others, all of these platforms provide a way for people to connect and communicate with each other. With the help of social media, the infinite online universe now feels a bit more like a cozy little neighborhood of friends. It’s so important to remember this feeling when creating and implementing your own social media marketing strategy for your brand or business. You should remember to keep your messages personal and to add that human element. To help you do that, here are just a few ways in which you can emphasize the “ME” in Social MEdia:

Utilize personal photos – Stock images do nothing for creating a personal and inviting feeling for your networks. Instead share photos of you, your staff, your friends and shots from inside your office to keep your social media content real and moreover, interesting. Remember that even though you might not be a shutterbug or want to share photos of you personally, you can still take photos of your office space or products and share them with a great caption that leaves people wanting to know more. Stock images have just never been able to ignite this same response.

Talk person-to-person – Although your social media accounts may be named after your brand or business, it takes a real person to write the content and interact with other users. So don’t be afraid to use I, Me or We! Share a personal story or highlight someone’s work. While the conversations may not be face-to-face, you can still create this personable experience in the way you craft your content.

Ask for answers or feedback – An engaged and interested audience is a powerful tool for gaining free customer feedback and insight. Also, by asking a question, you give a voice to your network and empower them to interact. Be sure to throw in a mix of through-provoking questions or a request for feedback on a new product or service every so often. It’s a nice balance to your other social media updates and can be a wealth of knowledge.

Give and get – To make social media more personal, you have to think of every connection as a friendship. Just as in any relationship, friends like to feel appreciated or honored every now and then. Show them this by tagging them or mention them in a status update. Give a shout out to an employee who has done an exceptional job lately or a new customer you’re happy to have. This makes for genuine social media content and you never know when the favor might be reciprocated in a post highlighting your own business!

The bottom line is that social media was designed to help people meet and keep in touch on a personal level. Your marketing efforts will be most effective if you keep this in mind and keep your communication personal, not robotic. Technology might be advancing at warp speed, but we’re only human after all!




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4 responses to “Social “ME”dia: Make Social Media Marketing More Effective by Making it Personal

  1. Jackie at Shook

    Great advice! We always are trying to find new ways to make things personal. I will take your advice and start adding more personal pictures to things. Thanks!

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