Merchandising to Writing — Build Better E-Store Category Pages

By My Web Writers

Internet stores are open to anyone who wants to be a business owner, but not everyone knows how to effectively  merchandise products.

Consider these five merchandising tips to create a solid e-store with well-organized products and content.

  • Visit physical locations of retailers.  If you’re able to see and understand a space’s layout, you’ll have a better chance of organizing your e-store in a way that is appealing, informative, and in-sync with the physical space.  Also look at other e-stores.  Researching competitor pricing and product picks will help you to shrewdly build your e-store’s category pages.
  • When you begin the organization process, clarity is essential.  Keep your pages and categories clear and concise, not only for SEO purposes, but also so that site visitors are able to easily find specific items without relying on your site’s search tool.  How far you break down categories depends on the store’s range of products and which keywords you’re trying to capture.  If products are clothing-related, categorize them into men’s, women’s, juniors, toddlers, and babies.  Then, drill down into sub-categories such as tall, plus, petite, girls, boys, 12- 18 mos., 2T, newborn, and so on.
  • Organize each page’s display by size, price, color, or another common filter for your particular customers. Typically, if you organize by price, you’ll want to list products in order from most expensive to least expensive to promote bigger revenue items.  If you choose to organize by color, do so in the order of the rainbow or in the reverse order of the rainbow.  Many stores organize their pages with the best selling items up top, followed by the most expensive items, and then the least expensive, slow-moving items.

  • Replace out of stock items, dead inventory, and seasonal products with fresh products and top sellers.  By all means, move the best selling products to the top of your e-store and offer a deal of the day to move old inventory.  Continually monitor your store to keep it up-to-date.  Invite customers to write product reviews.  Attract new customers through the recommendations of your loyal customers.  Add product suggestions with help from
  • Refresh product and category content on a regular basis for both search engine rankings and the interests of your repeat customers.  If you provide fresh content, customers will come back to read it and they’ll share it with others.  No one wants to read the same, corny phrase or click on out-dated links on their sixth visit to your site.  If writing was never your area of strength or if you lack time, office space, or human resources, outsource category and product content to content providers like My Web Writers.

If you’ve worked in a retail store, your foundation will help you organize an Internet store.  Detailed merchandising can be the difference between e-tail success and failure.

~Holly and Jean


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