Reflections of a Curator – Ideas for Capturing Your Audience

By My Web Writers

The Marketing Paradox: It’s never been easier to reach your audience. It’s never been harder to capture your audience.

How do we cut through the digital clutter when there are more than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day? Become a valued resource to your audience by curating content. Find the key nuggets that make a difference in their day.

Curating People, Not Just Content
To capture your audience, first understand what is important to them.  In modern usage, curate is to “select, organize, and present”.  However, its word history shows a personal connection with the meaning “one who takes care of souls.” Both definitions are key in content curation. We cut though the clutter and connect when we care for our audience as much as we care for our subject.

Simply, serve the audience.

Who Are You Trying to Reach?
Pinpointing your audience pays dividends when you are selecting content. Listen  to your key customers and prospects online to discover what is valuable to them.

Within Twitter, you’ll find chats where communities of interest regularly meet to discuss their passions. They are identified by participants using a specific hashtag. #Speakchat is one example that weekly discusses how speakers can grow their business . Find the schedule for more than 600 Twitter chats in this open Google Drive spreadsheet. Listening and participating in a chat gives you insight into new potential audiences.

What is Effective Curation?

  • Specific  – Once you’ve profiled your audience, find content that addresses their needs. For me, I have to answer, “How will this article solve X issue for them?” Publishing general interest links just to keep active will push your audience away very quickly.
  • Your Opinion Matters – Give you audience added value. Why did you select the information? Help connect the dots for them. This builds your credibility and establishes you as a trusted source.
  • It’s Not Copying – Don’t copy and paste full articles from others into your blog. Even with attribution, it’s wrong and most likely illegal. Quote a paragraph or two that supports your opinion, include their link, and give full attribution.
  • Repurpose Content for Different Audiences –  One size doesn’t fit all. Some of my most effective curation has been content that I used for a larger audience, then wrote a more targeted introduction for a narrower audience and delivered via forums and email.

Don’t Stop Now – Engage
Curating content is just the first step. Now curate the audience. Encourage comments and feedback. Ask questions. Give personal examples of how the piece helped you. Relationships grow when conversations begin.

What challenges do you face in finding good content for you audience? Please leave a comment and let’s start the conversation. Thanks for listening.

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5 responses to “Reflections of a Curator – Ideas for Capturing Your Audience

  1. Great post Don! Love “The Marketing Paradox” you lead with. Makes me smile and frown at the same time – guess that’s part of what makes it a paradox huh?

  2. randyclarktko

    Great post. I love the opening paragraph!

  3. don

    Thanks Rocky! Sure is – It’s one of my joys and larger frustrations.

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