Destination- Promote Your Blog!

By My Web Writers


Warm breezes, invigorating beaches, delicious tropical fruits of papaya, mango, coconut and pineapple.

New York City…

Alive, vibrant, energizing lights, aromas and sounds.

World renown cuisine. Gateway to the world.

A city that never sleeps.

These are destinations. They are places people go to experience something, participate in an atmosphere, create memories and fully engage in moments while they are there.

The Internet is full of sites…promoting products, pushing agendas, sharing life stories and hoping people take the time to visit. How many of these sites are destinations? Is yours?

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to promote your blog effectively is to make it a destination for people. Design your blog with an atmosphere that is welcoming and inviting for visitors. Use templates that highlight the feeling you want people to receive when they arrive. First impressions mean a lot to people, and if they like what they see from the moment they click their mouse to get to your blog, you’ve won half the battle of promoting your blog, without doing anything other than blogging.

Once you’ve purveyed the feeling you want visitors to have, it’s time to capture them with the essence of your message. Blog posts need to be expressed with personality, flavor and anticipation. Let your readers subconsciously tap into what you are saying in your posts, so they can’t help but respond to their surroundings and the topic you’re discussing.

Now that you’ve created the destination and your message invites, encourages and even promotes dialog among your visitors, it’s time to give your blog a heavy dose of Internet exposure. There are numerous ways to do this, and “professional bloggers” willingly offer dozens of tips and advice. Some have marketed their secrets; they eagerly sell specific services to consumers that are designed to help drive and increase traffic and page views on one’s blog.

The age old standard applies. If you want more blog traffic, you need to be visible in the blogging community. This requires meeting and engaging in discussions with other bloggers, a process of visiting various blogs and leaving comments on them. It is also rather important that you respond to visitors who leave comments on your blog. Don’t stop there, however, take the initiative to visit your visitors and leave them a nice note in return. Continue the conversation. Build the relationships and watch your traffic grow. Networking and making friends is the object of the game.

Using search engines, you can easily tap into dozens of blog promotion sites, including free gadgets like BlogUpp, blog directory lists and numerous blog hops. These are starting points that provide you with hundreds of blogging communities and links to their blogs. As soon as you engage in this process, your blog traffic begins to multiply. The more you actively participate, the more traffic you will generate.

Consistency is another important aspect to consider when promoting your blog effectively. Your blogging destination needs to be consistent with your message, and your message needs to be genuine and true. Blogging cannot and should not be an afterthought or half-hearted effort. It should be an element that consistently reflects who you are and what you are about, which is why you also need to post consistently when blogging. Visitors will undoubtedly return to your blog regularly, if your content remains fresh and inviting.



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