Stay Focused! Five Tips for Summer Writing

By My Web Writers

With the warm weather of summer comes a variety of distractions that pull everyone outdoors.  Some writers have the option of sitting outside and enjoying a glass of iced tea while they write on their laptops, while others rely heavily on indoor, desktop computers for their major writing projects.  What is the best way to combat the beautiful summer weather and concentrate on getting your work done?  Here are a few tips and tricks for you to try.

  1. Make a schedule!  Especially if you have other things that demand your attention, you’ll need to make a detailed schedule.  Use bright colors and make it clear and easy-to-read.  Then, post it near your writing workspace so you’re always able to see it when you’re at work.  By doing this and checking off each task as you accomplish it, you’ll be able to stay on track.  List what your projects are and when each part is due.  Edyta and Co has a great example of office organization.
  2. Set aside time each day for writing.  Make sure your family and friends know what time you have set aside each day.  Set small goals within that time, so you’re able to chip away at the big picture.  You’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment every time you’re able to cross something off your list.
  3. Turn your cell phone off!  Almost everyone nowadays has a cell phone that allows them access to the Internet, to Facebook, and many other things.  The easiest way to eliminate this distraction is to shut your phone off during that time you have set aside to work.  Once you focus and zone in to your tasks, time will pass quickly and you’ll be ahead of your scheduled work.
  4. A change of scenery can help.  While, yes, typically the office setting is the best in which to accomplish your work, everyone reaches the point where they cannot be inspired to write in their office anymore.  If you have a laptop, simply try working at your kitchen table.  You could even try a local coffee shop.
  5. Plan ahead!  Sometimes unforeseen circumstances pop up, but don’t fall behind!  If you get on track and keep yourself on track, you’ll be more likely to get into the habit of writing daily.  Plus, by getting into a good rhythm early in your writing project, you’ll be able to work a little bit more each day and possibly get ahead, affording yourself time if, say, family comes into town and surprises you with a visit.

Of course, you can always scale your efforts by hiring a blog writer or read  Writers- Organize Yourselves! and   Overcoming Blank Page Anxiety.



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