Tips for Marketing on Today’s Facebook

By My Web Writers

     According to data collected by, the global “friend list” for the social media powerhouse is a staggering 868,024,080 and growing.  Across the world, businesses know that marketing on Facebook is an essential part of building customer relationships and growing business.  According to The Barre Montpelier Times Argus, even GM has rediscovered the importance of marketing on Facebook and has recently renewed its efforts there.  Ultimately, marketing on Facebook has the potential to either be a huge success or monumental failure.  Consider these five tips to effectively, optimize your Facebook fan page.

Get VisualHeidi Cohen cites research by Hubspot’s Dan Zarella showing that the use of pictures dramatically increases likes, shares, and comments. This interest boosts engagement which potentially could lead to greater sales. Think about what catches your eye more; a plain product description or photograph? Which makes you drill down further and go to that merchant’s site for a closer look? The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”  has never been more true that when being utilized for successful marketing on Facebook.

Color Counts –The average person speeds through internet advertising content at breakneck pace. Using color in pictures, headlines, and well-placed text makes marketing content stand out and attract consumer attention. Pausing long enough to check out your ad can translate into a visit to your web-site. Essentially, if they stop to look they may stay to buy.

Encourage “Likes” – Tease a giveaway in ads by rewarding shoppers for visiting and “liking” the homepage or website. Offering 10% off, a coupon, or even free shipping can motivate consumers to visit and share that terrific deal across their “friend” list. Essentially, show the consumer that there is tangible value in being a follower of a company and its products and services. Once connected, that door can remain open for additional marketing efforts.

Make it Fresh – Make sure your written text is fresh, exciting, and to the point.  Marketing content on Facebook should be treated as a “Post-It-Note” not the Great American Novel. Provide consumers with what they NEED to know about the product or service immediately in order to spark enough interest to follow up with a call or visit to the company website. Doing more risks losing the customer’s interest and dollars.

Remember Nuts and Bolts – The best marketing strategy on Facebook is worthless if the nuts and bolts don’t work. Do a regular check of all content and page links. It only takes a second to lose a customer and if a link isn’t working, the customer will move on without a second thought. Even worse, it could actually backfire and damage marketing efforts if the consumer spreads THAT around their “friend” list. The only message a company wants is a positive one.

Marketing on Today’s Facebook is virtual “word of mouth” that was once conducted face-to-face across backyard fences and in front yards all over the world. Keeping marketing content personal, to the point, and interesting is essential to not only building positive customer relationships but adding to the bottom line.



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