How to Write a Proposal for a Project

by My Web Writers

A Proposal is a Key Starting Place

The foundation to any good presentation or project is a well-written research paper or a well-outlined proposal.  Obviously, if you are planning a presentation for your coworkers, you won’t be writing a paper.  However, this means you can focus all of your attention on creating a good proposal for your supervisor and a solid presentation for your coworkers.

Preliminary Research

Whether you have a lot or little knowledge of the subject or product on which your project is based, you’ll want to do a bit of research before you put together your proposal.  Most of your information will come from market research.  Say you’re attempting to launch a new product on the market—you’ll want to know your potential clientele before you set up your proposal.  If there are similar products on the market, you’ll want to know which aspects make your product better and then highlight those in your proposal and business plan.  You’ll want to know competitor’s price points ahead of time and you’ll want to look into what buzz words are getting the attention of consumers.

Writing Your Proposal

The biggest tips to remember when writing the actual project proposal are: keep it clear and concise, make sure it effectively communicates your ideas, and double-check and triple-check for any errors.  While your overall purpose should be to communicate your ideas clearly, you want to impress your supervisor and your coworkers with an error-free presentation.

When you sit down to write your project proposal, revert back to your college education for a second: come up with two or three sentences summarizing what you want to communicate through your project proposal.  Build the proposal itself from there.  Remember to use terms and language that anyone could understand rather than jargon specific to your industry.  By being able to effectively communicate your ideas in layman’s terms, you’ll show that you’re fully capable of attacking your project head-on and producing a great final result.

Overall, simply remember a few tips when writing a proposal for a project: do some preliminary market research, summarize your project in a few sentences before writing your proposal, don’t use business jargon, and make your proposal clear and to-the-point.  This will result in not only a well-put-together project proposal, but it will also help you produce a solid presentation and final project.



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  1. ellah

    greatly informative

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