Attention-Getting Phrases and Buzz Words

By My Web Writers

2012 Buzz Words

Think about the excitement that would run through your mind if you walked into a store and saw one display towards the front that said “Sale!” and another display nearby that said “New!”—you’d probably be inclined to at least look at the products.  On the other hand, if you walked into a store to see no signs, no direction, and no one offering to explain promotions, you’d probably turn around and leave.  A few other words that have been known to catch the attention of consumers are “Announcing,” “Introducing,” and “Bogo” (Buy one get one).

2012 Marketing Phrases

Not only do buzz words catch the attention of consumers, but key marketing phrases do, also.  These phrases can represent new products (“Just arrived” and “Try our new…” are good examples) or can show what items are on sale at that point in time.  A few good sale lines are “Stock up and Save” or “Save like crazy,” as well as the most popular “Buy one, get one.”

TOMS shoes is a company that has a great example of a good marketing phrase, though it has become more of a slogan: One for One.  Consumers know that TOMS are a One for One company—in their terms, it means that for every shoe they sell, a child in an underdeveloped country receives a pair of shoes.  They are also launching an eye wear campaign that follows the same One for One marketing idea.  They’ve taken a phrase and made it into more than a marketing campaign—consumers know TOMS shoes because of the One for One campaign (and phrase), and it’s made their sales grow exponentially in the past few years.

Whether you, like TOMS, take a phrase and make it your own or you simply watch the companies and stores around you to get an idea of what marketing phrases and buzz words are hot this year, remember that there are ways other than signs to market to your customers.  Do a bit of research, even conduct a small survey of your customers, and determine what words and phrases will benefit your business the most.




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2 responses to “Attention-Getting Phrases and Buzz Words

  1. Shauna McGee Kinney


    Great article. I was just talking to one of my colleagues who sets up social media for community groups. He mentioned that product names and brand names transition into a commonly used noun and then into a verb. His examples were “Google it” or “I Googled the company.”

    For the last couple years, I have been reverse-engineering tenders and customer’s websites. I look for phrases in the request for quote or news releases. An example is an Aussie landscape designer who added the words “streetscape maintenance” to his web pages because the local public works use that word in their advertised tenders.

    While both ideas above are very literal, I agree with you that our communication will converge on common, recognizable phrases. Our customers evolve to this language and use those buzz words to qualify us!

    – Shauna

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