Marketing to Gen Y Women

by Holly

Generation Y Women Focus on Facebook

As a part of Generation Y, I know firsthand how large a role Facebook and other social networking sites play on daily lives.  Anymore, Facebook and Twitter are both easily accessible from cell phones.  Furthermore, with the recent addition of Pinterest, social networking is at its height (so far) and still growing.  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the three most popular among the women of Generation Y, so many companies have taken to using these social networking sites as a large part of their marketing strategies.  Some business Facebook pages, such as Victoria’s Secret, offer fun contests that can only be found on Facebook.  Recently, the Victoria’s Secret Facebook page was also a place to find a bonus Spring Secret Reward, a card that could be worth $10, $50, or $100.  Other businesses, such as Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, offer Facebook fan-only coupons.  This coincides very well with Pinterest, as many more women are turning to do-it-yourself projects for their homes.  All the social networks are interlinked somehow, and more often than not, it’s through the women of Generation Y that tell their friends to join, that link their pins on Pinterest and their tweets from Twitter to Facebook.  Furthermore, many of those Generation Y women, when asked to take surveys, have reported that they not only have friends that they see daily (“real-life friends,” as Marketing Chart says), but they also have Twitter followers, blog authors, and online friends whose opinions Generation Y women rely on.

Smart Marketing Gets the Attention

Women look for deals like “buy one, get one” deals and freebies that come with “liking” businesses on Facebook.  Any coupon or reward program offered with likely catch the attention of twenty-something women.  Especially in today’s economy, where everyone is looking to save money, you’ll find twenty-somethings who have a talent for couponing and stockpiling everyday household supplies.  According to, Generation Y women respond best to non-intrusive marketing that can be found on social media sites, blogs, and the like.  Also, when women find a product that they like, they’re very likely (61%, according to Marketing Charts) to recommend that product to their friends, family, and coworkers.  With that knowledge, you can change the way you market your product and potentially gain new customers in those twenty-something women.  You never know, by simply gaining a few new customers, you very well might end up gaining hundreds of new customers!  There is no limit to what a social network populated and visited by Generation Y women can cause.



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3 responses to “Marketing to Gen Y Women

  1. shaunakinney


    GREAT article.

    I am Gen-X and work with a lot of Gen-X and baby-boomers. I agree that FB is mostly women and that my Gen-X and baby boomer businesses don’t see the differences between Facebook ‘channel’ versus their website. I even see some confusion between loyalty clubs and Liking a Facebook business Page.

    What do you recommend for incorporating these older generations?

    I suspect that they would spend discretionary income on similar or same services and are using Facebook to keep connected with their growing or grown up family members! Thank you again for sharing your insightful observations.

    • Holly

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

      As far as incorporating Gen X and the baby boomers, I think that Facebook and the social networking sites are growing in popularity. The Gen X-ers that I know are starting to use Facebook more and more as a way to connect with their younger family members, as you said. The addition of games, such as Words with Friends, have aided in the connection between generations. (My list of games in Words with Friends, for example, includes both Gen Y and Gen X.) I also know of a few who use Facebook as a way to market their Etsy stores (one of which is my sister) or share their blogs. My sister and her business partner recently asked for ideas from me about marketing their products (tie-dyed t-shirts and other tie-dyed items) and I suggested that she look into Pinterest, as well as a blog to describe the process they go through to create their products as well as stories of various farmer’s markets they visit. I think that because social media is growing so rapidly, more and more people are not only becoming curious about it, but are also looking into it as a way of connecting with new customers and keeping an eye on their competition.

      …I hope that helps.

  2. Senior Dating Online

    never heard of Generation Y women…. althought i agree that if you can gain one good customer he will bring hundreds of new customers

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