Branch Out Content for Social Search & Knowledge Graph

By My Web Writers

Google is closer to owning…er…sharing knowledge.  What a horse race.  Just a week ago, on May 10, Bing social search re-launched real time search with the help of Facebook friends.  Today, May 16, 2012, Google announced Knowledge Graph for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  What does the information race mean to writers?  To be good at your job, you need to provide depth.  Be prepared to spend more time on the phone, in interviews, and at your computer.

Researching is Easier & Harder

If you sell oak trees, just type in “Oak Trees” at Google to discover a right-side pane of oak tree facts from the database Google has amassed.  While you’ll still find links to credible websites when you search, you’ll be able to skip that extra step to gather the details through the knowledge map.  Pop over to Bing and type in “Oak Trees” to find out which of your friends planted oak trees in their back yards.  Go ahead and ask where they bought those trees and for how much.  Researching is easier than ever.

However, writing the content that fuels research just got harder.  Don’t bother writing skimpy blog posts that whisk through the basics because Google’s knowledge map and your Bing Facebook friends have the basics covered.

Content needs to provide the next five levels of interesting, informative, and revolutionary to turn heads.  Your own research should involve fact sleuthing via personal interviews and onsite reporting to stay cutting edge.  Article links should span several reads and show that you actually digested your sources’ facts and opinions and that you can offer your readers new insights.

Large publishers who can afford extensive coverage will fare well; but, search engines are the big winners.  If you’re a blogger, an affiliate, or a small publisher you need to find ways to stay current, unique, and relevant.

Answer Questions in Your Content

So, small business writer, you have some oak trees to sell.  Now what?  First, brainstorm what you know are the most relevant questions clients will ask.  Not sure what those are?  Look at Google’s “related searches” for help or jump over to LinkedIn or Quora and ask group questions.  You can even tweet or facebook your friends what they think are relevant questions one would want answered before buying oak trees.

Add Pictures

Upload new and eye-catching pictures to capture Google’s eye and Pinterest’s hits.  Social continues to add to search value.  Google’s knowledge pane thrives on relevant pictures.

Google’s Knowledge Pane Loves Pictures

Add Videos

Some people don’t like to read.  Entertain and inform them with videos.  Video is still under-utilized by many companies.  Google, however, knows that videos are key to informing users.

Branch Your Content’s Semantics

Answer those questions with semantically relevant terms.  In the case of oak trees, paragraphs should discuss the planting depth of oak trees, the leaf shapes, the varieties, common parasites, and maybe even legends that involve oak trees.  Show pictures demonstrating the steps to planting oak trees or supporting oak trees with stakes.  Explain how to nurse sick oak trees.  Find videos of kids planting oak trees on Arbor Day or of oak trees that survived tornadoes.  Share recipes involving oak leaves or roots.  Start tweeting and facebooking links to the insights collected on your oak tree company website.  In short, branch out – semantically.

Want to Learn More About Knowledge Map & Social Search?

We appreciate informative, content marketing.  Discover what others are saying.  (Tip.  Provide lists to other resources in your own content.)

Google ReVamps Search with Massive Real-World Map of Things

Google Launches Knowledge Map to Provide Answers, Not Just Links


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