Write Marketing Content that Americans Like

by My Web Writers

Writing marketing content is challenging even for professionals.  Writers labor to find the right things to say and do which help facilitate brand recognition and create positive social media messages. Imagine how difficult a campaign can become for foreign companies trying to introduce new products to Americans. “Nuts and bolts” techniques like having a web site and creating a presence through social media are well known, but how to actually write marketing content that Americans like poses a challenge that have many baffled. How do you market a product in a way that would sell in the States?

SEO Writers know the Consumer

Who is the American consumer? Having the answer to that question is crucial for a successful marketing campaign.  Statistics are only part of the equation, the rest boils down to having a comprehensive knowledge of the consumer.  Kimberly Palmer identified 5 Traits of the New American Consumer.

  1. Optimism  – Americans believe they can still get good value for the price
  2. Brand Consciousness – Likely to spend more for a brand they like.
  3. Authenticity-seekers – Want a “more ethical approach to consumption.”
  4. Purpose-driven – desire a simpler approach to buying.
  5. Mature – Are more thoughtful during their buying and making choices that are more careful.

Palmer concluded that these traits are difficult even for American retailers to accommodate so imagine the challenge posed to a foreign merchant.

SEO Writers “Speak the Language”

Who better to write appealing content for Americans than someone who “speaks the language?” Foreign companies often already have in-house content writers and social media specialists who know what works at home. However, without also possessing an intimate understanding of the unique characteristics of the American psyche, those same techniques often don’t succeed here. For example, even though English is considered a universal language by many, there are versions that differ dramatically. “British” English is very different than “American” English. These lines are blurred even further by the myriad of regional and even local dialects.

SEO Writers Have the Knowledge

SEO companies are in the perfect position to understand and act upon the subtle nuances which can then be leveraged to create more effective content and overall media presence.  SEO’s have their feet “in the trenches” which allows them to adapt their content more quickly to shifts in consumer behavior such as the current importance of mobile marketing. Karlene Lukovitz suggested that “…marketers need to identify the problems that shoppers are trying to solve and provide informed solutions. Brands that don’t provide practical experiences will be ignored”.

Wow Consumers on Social Networks

Ravi Raj from @WalmartLabs asserted, “social media has transformed the way consumers behave online.”  The writer must ensure their marketing content is appropriate. Consequently, the tone of a blog or facebook post must not only be well written but also conversational.  Foreign corporations seek writers who develop written content that is not only understandable but speaks to a particular audience demographic. Twitter allows only 160 characters to write that perfect catch phrase. This limitation demands extreme creativity and economy of words. Press releases employ the language of business and must be more professional in tone and application. In this case, the prose that works so well in a blog or facebook entry could be completely inappropriate even damaging.

Final thoughts

When discussing the important of web-based marketing “one size doesn’t fit all”.  Writing effective marketing content for Americans means seeing the “big picture” and how culture, language and use of social media can interact seamlessly. In order to write quality SEO content for American consumers that appeals to web site visitors, writers must eat, sleep and be able to effortlessly speak “Americana” on a daily basis.” SEO’s offer this “total package” through not only compelling marketing content, but also knowing where and how it should be positioned.




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