Local SEO Ideas for National Brands

by My Web Writers

Now that local search results show up at the top of the page on Google, it’s imperative that both local and national businesses have local presence.  Here are a few ideas to help boost your local impact.

Create Local Category Pages

List your company’s address, phone number, email and web address on the corporate website.  Does your company reside in multiple locations?  Consider highlighting each store with its own webpage.  While some SEO’s would suggest not taking up meta space with city or state names, in some cases the technique still effectively works.  Devote city or regional keywords and unique content to these location-specific, category pages.  Appeal to each location’s customers with photos, descriptions, and videos.

Add Your Business to Google Places

While you can no longer add post office boxes to Google Places, you can choose to add a service area to indicate a region that your brand delivers service.  There are a few verification workarounds, but you’ll have to give your company’s physical address.  Of course, some SEO’s suggest just entering your post office’s physical address if you own an online business with a P.O. box.

Pin it!

No doubt about it, Pinterest is taking over as a huge marketing tool for businesses. When looking for help with local SEO, first make sure your boards in Pinterest are searchable via Google. Then, make some of your boards “local.” For example, say you’re a national food magazine. You could have a Pinterest board for different cities and the restaurants your magazine has covered.

Optimize for Mobile Local Search

Sim Marketing offers an informative, thirty-minute webinar entitled, How to Tackle National Brand, Local & Mobile Search Marketing, which suggests that local content scores well when using mobile devices.  After all, 13% of all search traffic flows from mobile devices and those devices are often used while doing errands and shopping.  Distribute data about your business’ locales across various channels including Yelp and Google+.  Your content writers should optimize your content with prices, product information, stories, and reviews.  The return on investment is well worth the effort!



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