Marketing Ideas for Business Facebook Pages

 By My Web Writers

As social networking sites grow in popularity, many businesses (particularly local businesses) are creating Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and WordPress blogs.  Within the various social networks, companies and businesses can offer tips and product stories to entice potential customers to become loyal customers.  Additional content ideas for Facebook include contests and giveaways, referral programs, discounts, and new product announcements.

  1. Contests and Giveaways:  Many fast food companies offer consumer surveys via telephone or website so they can receive feedback on how their employees are performing.  While moderating your business’s Facebook page, offer something similar.  Offer a discount if your customers message you via Facebook with any sort of feedback on your business, your product, or your customer service.  You could also offer a gift card or a free product rather than a discount.
  2. Referral Programs:  Offer similar discounts and “freebies” to your customers if they recommend your product to their friends and have their friends add your business page on Facebook.  By doing this, you’re showing that you trust your customers to pass on their opinions of your business and your products.  By showing that you trust your customers, you’re effectively creating a better customer connection.  Finally, by creating that good, strong customer connection, you’re making a lifetime customer.
  3. Discounts:  This is a great idea to bring more traffic to your business’s Facebook page.  By offering a discount that customers can only find one your business’s Facebook page, particularly if your business has a store front and isn’t Internet-only, you’re going to see an extremely significant increase in traffic and in “likes” or friend requests on your business Facebook page.  The more “likes” and friend requests you see, the more people will be able to see any new product launches you post.
  4. New Product Announcements:  The social networking sites are the best way to get new product knowledge out to your customers.  By either posting exciting announcements or sending messages out to your customers, they have the chance to know about new products before customers who come into your store.

These are just a few ideas that you could use for your business’s Facebook page.  There a quite a few more ideas out there that will make your business’s Facebook page that much better than your competition.  This is just a jumping-off point for you and your company—more ideas await. Take these tips and go!



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