Should My Blog Be On My Website?

by My Web Writers

If your business doesn’t have a blog, it’s pretty behind in the times. Unfortunately, starting a blog isn’t as simple as writing some content and posting it. One of the most important decisions you can make concerning your blog is who will host it and which is best for your business. Is it better to be on your company website or on a blog site like WordPress? There are pros and cons to whichever you decide.

Adding a blog to your website

By adding your blog to your website, assuming it is already established, you make things easy for your audience to connect with you. They will already be on your website, and can easily navigate through it to find your blog posts. You won’t send your readers searching the World Wide Web- they will see your blog when they visit your site.

This is also good because if you are selling a product, and you are blogging about it, your audience won’t have to go far to purchase what you are selling. The audience is already there and doesn’t have to go searching for your product.

There’s a good chance that maintaining your website is a job in its own. Why would you want to add another element of work to your daily upkeep? By having your blog on your website, you only have to worry about one site.

A Blog Away from your Website

A blog separate from your website can almost serve as double marketing for your business. There are now two different places in cyberspace that your business can show up.

With a focused topic for your blog away from your website, you will reach people you might not otherwise reach. Say you own a bakery and wrote a blog about new ways to use buttercream icing on cookies. If this blog post were only on your website, you might be preventing it from being seen from many more people. Having the post on a separate site, people who would have never come across your business might read your blog and be directed to your business site. It can literally drive an audience to your business site.

A lot of it really depends on how much work you want to put into your blog. If it’s on your website, you only have one website to deal with. By putting it somewhere else, there will obviously be more upkeep because you will be working on two different sites.

There are pros and cons to wherever you decide to post your blog, but what’s most important is the content. Weight the advantages and disadvantages of where you might post your blog, pick a spot, and then focus on all the great content you will give your audience!



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One response to “Should My Blog Be On My Website?

  1. Great post Natalie!

    I’ve been asked this very same question dozens of times and I always answer, “Well, that depends.”

    For what it’s worth, here’s my answer: It’s only recommended to separate a blog from a website if geo-targeted search in a low competitive area is the goal. That way, both sites can hog up the SERPs (This works, I’ve done it). This can also be deployed nationally, but the sites would have to be SUPER nitch w/ little to no competition in the SERPs.

    However, for most companies, it’s not a good idea to separate a blog from a website. Especially with Google Panda and the Caffeine update “Freshness.” Based on those two factors, the only way I’d separate the blog is if I could publish no less than 21 new pages of content per week on BOTH the website and the blog. The 21 number is the point of diminishing returns according to HubSpot.


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