Popular Twitter Hashtags for Writers

by My Web Writers

One method writers use to support one another via Twitter is by use of hash tags.  Next time you tweet a fellow writer’s content or even your own work, use one or two of these popular, Twitter hash tags:

  1. #amwriting—this is by far the most popular hash tag for writers to use to create a sense of community.
  2. #amediting— Similar to #amwriting, #amediting is a way for writers to connect with each other and stay updated on any progress made.
  3. #wordcount—one more way to share your progress with your writing circle, #wordcount shows fellow writers how many words you’re at and how much progress has been made since your last tweet.
  4. #writetips—helps writers to find and to share writing tips.
  5. #WW or #WriterWednesday—writers are able to give shout-outs to their fellow writers and suggest authors for their friends to follow.
  6. #askagent—many writers know not to pitch things to agents via Twitter.  By using #askagent, writers can ask questions, add the hash tag, and may find responses from agents.  Similar to this hash tag is #askpub for questions directed to publishers and #askeditor for questions directed to editors.

Because Twitter is growing so popular so quickly, more hash tags are always appearing.  It’s an ever-changing form of social media that gives outlets for writers and teens, creates connections for businesses and various other professionals, and is even a form of entertainment when people decide to follow celebrities.  If you haven’t joined Twitter yet, try it!  You might find a small niche for yourself that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

If you’re already on Twitter, what are some of your favorite hash tags?  How do you connect with other web writers on Twitter?



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