My Favorite Twitter Tools

by My Web Writers

Twitter is a fantastic tool for building a brand.  It gets your products, keywords, and services out to the masses quickly.  Check out these Twitter tools and Apps that will help you get rolling on the Twitter train:

  • Twylah–Twylah pushes all of your Tweets onto a page that’s branded just for you. The advantage of this is that followers who are reading your posts better understand your topics without searching through your Twitter streams.
  • Tweriod–Tweriod analyzes your Tweets and those of your followers. The tool then tells you when it’s best to post your Tweets for optimal “readability”.
  • Buffer–Buffer allows you to put all of your Tweets into the App at one time, and then posts them at optimal times throughout the day. This tool is perfect for the on-the-go business person or even for those who will be out of the office for some time. You don’t have to miss getting those Tweets out there anymore!

There are many great Twitter tools out there, but these are some quick and easy time savers that will have you Tweeting in no time! Get your social media PR writers on board with these new tools and check out some of our work by following us on Twitter @MyWebWriters.



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